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BP_BIOFLAT_INDEX(1)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  BP_BIOFLAT_INDEX(1)

NAME - index sequence files using	Bio::DB::Flat

	Create or update a biological sequence database	indexed	with the
	Bio::DB::Flat indexing scheme.	The arguments are a list of flat files
	containing the sequence	information to be indexed.

USAGE <options> file1 file2 file3...


	    --create		  Create or reinitialize the index.  If	not specified,
				  the index must already exist.

	    --format   <format>	  The format of	the sequence files.  Must be one
				  of "genbank",	"swissprot", "embl" or "fasta".

	    --location <path>	  Path to the directory	in which the index files
				  are stored.

	    --dbname <name>	  The symbolic name of the database to be created.

	    --indextype	<type>	  Type of index	to create.  Either "bdb" or "flat".
				  "binarysearch" is the	same as	"flat".

       Options can be abbreviated.  For	example, use -i	for --indextype.

       The following environment variables will	be used	as defaults if the
       corresponding options are not provided:

	    OBDA_FORMAT	     format of sequence	file
	    OBDA_LOCATION    path to directory in which	index files are	stored
	    OBDA_DBNAME	     name of database
	    OBDA_INDEX	     type of index to create

perl v5.32.0			  2019-12-07		   BP_BIOFLAT_INDEX(1)


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