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BOOT1.EFI(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		  BOOT1.EFI(8)

     boot1.efi -- UEFI chain loader

     boot1.efi has been	deprecated and will be removed from a future release.
     loader.efi(8) handles all its former use cases with more flexibility.

     On	UEFI systems, boot1.efi	loads /boot/loader.efi from the	default	root
     file system and transfers execution there.

     Before looking for	the boot device, boot1.efi does	the following initial-

     +o	 Sets up the console using the default UEFI console routines.

     +o	 Discovers all possible	block devices on the system.

     +o	 Initializes all file system modules to	read files from	those devices

   Boot	Device Selection
     boot1.efi uses the	following sequence to determine	the root file system
     for booting:

     +o	 If ZFS	is configured, boot1.efi will search the for zpools that are
	 bootable, preferring the zpool	on the boot device over	the others.

     +o	 If UFS	is configured, boot1.efi will search all UFS partitions	for a
	 bootable partition.  It will prefer the lowest	numbered bootable par-
	 tition	on the boot device over	all other choices.  It will fall back
	 to partitions on other	devices	if none	are found.

     A partition is considered bootable	if it can load /boot/loader.efi	from
     it.  Command line arguments to the	next boot stage	are read from the
     first existing file of /boot.config or /boot/config in that order.

     +o	 The order in which file systems are tried is undefined.

     +o	 No encryption support is available.

     +o	 There's no way	to interrupt the boot process to select	booting	from
	 some other location.

     +o	 When configuring a serial console for FreeBSD,	but not	for UEFI, no
	 output	will show up on	the serial console from	boot1.efi.

     +o	 There's no support for	marking	partitions as the preferred one.

     +o	 There's no support for	boot-once functionality.

BSD			       September 1, 2020			   BSD


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