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BOGOM(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		      BOGOM(8)

     bogom -- simple sendmail milter to	interface bogofilter

     bogom [-R | -D] [-t] [-v] [-S] [-u	user] [-s conn]	[-b bogo_path]
	   [-x exclude_string] [-c conf_file] [-l body_limit] [-p pidfile]
	   [-f forward_spam] [-q quarantine_mdir] [-d]

     The bogom plugin can be used with the milter API of sendmail(8) to	filter
     mails using bogofilter(1) bayesian	filter.

     bogom is intended to be used with only one	words database for the whole

     The options are as	follows:

     -R			Reject mail classified as spam

     -D			Discard	mail classified	as spam

     -t			Train bogofilter with the mail classified as spam/ham

     -v			Verbose	logging

     -S			Use spamicity header. Read configuration file section
			for further details.

     -u	user		User to	run the	milter.	 Default: bogofilter

     -s	conn		Path to	the pipe to connect sendmail. Default:

     -b	bogo_path	Path to	the bogofilter(1) binary.  Default:

     -x	exclude_string	If this	string is found	in the Subject of a message,
			it will	be automatically accepted and no filtering op-
			eration	will be	done.

     -c	conf_file	Path to	the configuration file.	 Default:

     -l	body_limit	Length limit in	bytes to be processed from mail	body.
			The rest of the	body will be discarded and not ana-
			lyzed by the filter.  Default: no limit

     -p	pidfile		Path to	the file to store the pid of the milter. The
			pidfile	is created after the milter drops privileges
			and the	user to	run the	milter must have write permis-
			sion to	the specified file. Default:

     -f	forward_spam	Set a recipient	to forward any message classified as
			spam. Read configuration file section for further de-

     -q	quarantine_mdir
			Path to	a directory to deliver a copy of any message
			classified as spam. The	messages are stored in
			maildir(5) format.

     -d			Enable debug messages (implies verbose logging)

     Default policy is to add the X-Bogosity header (Yes, No, Unsure) and de-
     liver the mail. This can be changed with -R or -D when bogofilter classi-
     fies the mail as spam.

     In	bogofilter's configuration the bogofilter_dir token should be set to
     the directory with	system database, usually /var/spool/bogofilter,	in bo-
     gofilter's	configuration, or simply the words database of the unprivi-
     leged user	running	the milter can be used.

     bogom uses	a temporal file	to store each individual message and forks a
     new process to scan it with bogofilter. This temporal file	uses /tmp di-
     rectory by	default, it's owned by the user	running	the milter and has
     0600 mode.	When a directory is specified in quarantine_mdir, the tmp sub-
     directory in that maildir is used as temporal directory.

     The option	-t registers the mail after classifying	it as spam or ham.
     This option can be	dangerous because the filter may register errors, so
     you should	read carefully bogofilter's manual regarding this point.

     Milter support in sendmail	binary can be verified with:

	   # sendmail -d0.1 -bv	root | grep MILTER

     The milter	can be added to	sendmail's configuration by adding the follow-
     ing lines to the mc file:

	   `S=unix:/var/spool/bogofilter/milter.sock, T=S:30s;R:1m')

     It	assumes	the default place for the communication	socket.

     The cf file must be rebuilt and sendmail restarted.

     Configuration file	supports following tokens:

      #	line comment

      policy (pass|reject|discard)
      default: policy pass

      reject "<text for	the SMTP reply>"
      default: empty
      (sendmail	default	is "Command rejected")

      subject_tag "<text to tag	the subject>"
      default: empty

      verbose (0|1)
      default: verbose 0

      spamicity_header (0|1)
      default: spamicity_header	0

      bogofilter "<path	to bogofilter binary>"
      default: bogofilter "/usr/local/bin/bogofilter"

      training (0|1)
      default: training	0

      body_limit <length in bytes>
      default: no limit

      user "<username to run the milter>"
      default: user "bogofilter"

      connection "<type>:<location>"
      default: connection "unix:/var/spool/bogofilter/milter.sock"

      pidfile "<path to	milter pidfile>"
      default: pidfile "/var/spool/bogofilter/"

      exclude_string "<subject exclude string>"
      default: empty

      forward_spam "<rcpt>"
      default: empty

      quarantine_mdir "<path to	maildir	directory>"
      default: empty

      re_connection "<case insensitive extended	re>"
      default: empty

      re_envfrom "<case	insensitive extended re>"
      default: empty

      re_envrcpt "<case	insensitive extended re>"
      default: empty

     Configuration takes precedence over command line.

     By	default	X-Bogosity header will use 'Yes, tests=bogofilter', 'No,
     tests=bogofilter' and 'Unsure, tests=bogofilter'. With spamicity_header
     activated,	the classification of 'Ham', 'Spam' or 'Unsure'	plus the value
     of	spamicity will be used to tag the messages.

     subject_tag string	will be	prepend	to message subject when	it is identi-
     fied as spam and policy is	pass.

     body_limit	specifies the amount of	bytes (K suffix	for Kilobytes and M
     for Megabytes) of message body that will be passed	to bogofilter to be
     processed.	 This option should help busy servers but is incompatible with
     quarantine_mdir feature.

     forward_spam recipient will receive a copy	of any message classified as
     spam when policy is pass. Notice that the original	destination recipients
     won't be modified and general RELAY restrictions will apply.

     If	a directory in quarantine_mdir is specified, any message classified as
     spam will be delivered there in maildir format. Neither reject nor	dis-
     card policy affect	this delivery, but body_limit option is	ignored. When
     a message is delivered, necessary subdirectories are created (tmp and new
     only). Notice that	tmp subdirectory in maildir is used as temporal	direc-
     tory for bogom process when this option is	active.

     The re_* tokens allow to add items	to connection, envfrom and envrcpt
     white lists. Any message with client connection (both host	and hostname,
     if	available), sender address or destination address matching the case
     insensitive extended regular expression (explained	in re_format(7)) will
     be	accepted and no	filtering operation will be done. Those	token can be
     used more than once and all the regular expressions will be checked.

     Quoted strings can	use single and double quotes, using backslash to es-
     cape both characters.

     bogom sends messages to syslogd(8)	using facility daemon and levels err,
     notice, info and debug.

     By	default	only info and, when needed, err	levels will be used. With -v
     option, extra information will be addressed with notice level plus	the
     log facility provided in bofogilter.

     -d	option enables debug level with	very verbose logging.

     bogom activity can	be logged to a separate	file with following lines in

     *.*			     /var/log/bogom
     *.*			     /var/log/bogom


     sendmail(8), bogofilter(1), bogoutil(1), syslog.conf(5), syslogd(8),
     re_format(7), maildir(5)

     By	now SIGHUP is ignored.

     The first version of bogom	was written in the end of 2004.

     Juan J. Martinez <>

BSD			       December	25, 2004			   BSD


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