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bk receive(7.3.3)	    BitKeeper User's Manual	     bk	receive(7.3.3)

       bk receive - receive a BitKeeper	patch

       bk receive [takepatch_options] [repository]

       Use  when  applying  a BitKeeper	patch you received via email.  You can
       take a BitKeeper	patch and pipe the  whole  email  message  through  bk
       receive.	 Headers and footers are stripped automatically.

       When someone sends you a	patch with the following command:

	   $ bk	send -rbeta..

       You  will  receive  an email message which needs	to be saved so you can
       feed it to the bk receive command:

	   $ bk	receive	~/mypackage < patch

       Many Unix email programs	(pine, elm, etc) will allow you	to pipe	a mes-
       sage directly to	a program. For example,	when you are reading a message
       in pine,	you can	hit the	'|' key, and you will be prompted with a  mes-
       sage asking you for a program name where	the message should be piped.

       Remember	that if	you are	getting	the very first patch, you need to cre-
       ate a new repository by adding the -i option.  BitKeeper	does not  cre-
       ate repositories	by default.

       Specifying the repository is optional; if it is unspecified, bk receive
       tries to	use the	current	working	directory.

       Patches may be wrapped. If they are you will see	something like

	   ## Wrapped with uu ##

       near the	top of the patch.  BitKeeper knows how to unwrap patches which
       it  wrapped.   We  currently support only uuencoded wrappers, but it is
       trivial to create different ones, see bk	wrap for more information.

       Once a patch is run through bk receive, run bk  resolve	to  apply  the

       All  options  are  passed through to bk takepatch.  With	no options, bk
       takepatch is completely silent.	 If  you  want	to  see	 the  progress
       reports you see with bk pull, add -vv to	the options.

       -a  Apply the changes (call bk resolve.)
       -c  Do not accept conflicts with	this patch.
       -i  Initial patch, create a new repository.
       -v  Verbose level, more is more verbose,	-vv is suggested.

       bk-range, bk-send, bk-takepatch,	bk-wrap


BitKeeper Inc			      1E1		     bk	receive(7.3.3)


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