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bk emacs(7.3.3)		    BitKeeper User's Manual	       bk emacs(7.3.3)

       bk emacs	- info on how to use emacs' vc-mode

       BitKeeper  is  similar to SCCS, and vc-mode more	or less	supports SCCS,
       so most of the things that you can do  with  vc-mode  work:  visit-file
       will check out files automatically, C-x C-q locks files for editing, C-
       x v v will prompt for comments and check	in an individual file, C-x v =
       will  compare  versions,	 and  so on.  Filename completion doesn't know
       about sfiles; this appears to be	a general problem with vc-mode,	not  a
       BitKeeper specific issue.

       You  cannot create changesets with vc-mode; use bk citool or bk commit.
       vc-mode does not	understand BitKeeper's symbol handling,	 as  that  was
       not  part  of  the  original  SCCS.  Do not attempt to use vc's symbol,
       snapshot, and branch commands with BitKeeper.

       vc-mode expects to be able to refer to SCCS commands  directly  instead
       of via the BitKeeper front end.	In theory, it should suffice to	put

	   setq	vc-path	/usr/local/bitkeeper

       in .emacs, but this didn't work when last tested	(most of the BK	devel-
       opers use vi).  The commands vc wants to	run are:  admin,  get,	delta,
       unedit, stripdel, and bk	log.  This just	happens	to be the list of com-
       mands that we symlink into /usr/bin during a standard installation.

       If you check in a file using bk citool or bk delta in a	shell  window,
       vc-mode	will  not  notice; you can go right on editing the buffer, and
       BitKeeper will get very confused	the next time you try to check out the
       file (locked or not).  The right	way to get out of this mess is to kill
       off the offending buffer, rename	the modified  file  out	 of  the  way,
       check  out  the	file  for  editing,  and  rename  it back.  Do all the
       rearrangement from a shell prompt.  Kill	all your buffers  before  run-
       ning bk citool to avoid the problem.


BitKeeper Inc			      1E1		       bk emacs(7.3.3)


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