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bk(7.3.3)		    BitKeeper User's Manual		     bk(7.3.3)

       bk - BitKeeper configuration management system front end

       bk [-A|U|e|r] [-salias] [options] command [options]

       bk is the front end to all BitKeeper commands.

       If  you are looking for instructions on how to get started, try running
       the test	drive at

       Only the	global options are documented here.  To	see  command  specific
       options	consult	the documentation for the command in question (bk help

       -@[url]	   Run the command in the  specified  repository  rather  than
		   locally.   If  url is not specified,	then use the parent[s]
		   of the current repository.  If there	are multiple  parents,
		   incoming  and/or  outgoing,	use all	of those parents.  You
		   can use the construct -@@file to specify a file  containing
		   a list of repository	URLs, one per line; the	command	is run
		   in each of the remote repositories.

		   The -r[dir] option works as expected, running  the  command
		   recursively	over  all of the implied files.	 If specified,
		   dir must be relative	to the root of the remote repository.

		   If -	is the last argument, then the standard	input is  read
		   and buffered.  Each remote command receives the same	input.

       --all-files Starting  at	 the current working directory,	run command on
		   all files in	the entire repository  or  nested  collection.
		   In  a  standalone  repository this option is	similar	to -r.
		   For example,	to search all files in a nested	collection:

		       $ bk -A grep 'the string	I want to find'

		   See -s below	for ways to limit the set of  files  processed
		   in a	nested collection.

		   Override  one  value	 in the	configuration for this command

       --cd=dir	   Change to dir before	running	the command.

       --headers   For remote commands (-@) this option	causes the output from
		   running  the	 command in each repository to prefixed	with a

		       #### repo-url or	location ####

       -R	   Change directories to the root  of  the  repository	before
		   running command.

       -r[dir]	   Starting  at	 dir,  or  the	repository root	if dir was not
		   specified, apply command recursively	to dir and all	subdi-
		   rectories.	This  works  by	generating a list of files and
		   passing them	to command on the standard input.  This	option
		   differs from	-A in that it is limited to the	current	repos-
		   itory only, so if you are in	a component it will list  only
		   files belonging to that component.

       -1acGpx -^G One	or  more  of  these options may	be used	in combination
		   with	-A, -r,	or -U to limit the set of files	passed to com-

		   -1	Only examine the current (or named) directory.	Do not
			go into	subdirectories.
		   -G	List files only	if they	are checked out	("gotten").
		   -^G	List files only	if they	are not	checked	out ("not got-
		   -a	Examine	  all	files,	 even	if   listed   in  Bit-
		   -c	List changed files (locked and modified).   See	 EXAM-
			PLES below for a typical usage.
		   -p	List files with	pending	deltas.
		   -x	List  files which have no revision control files.  See
			EXAMPLES below for a typical usage.
			This long option may be	used to	pass any valid	option
			to  sfiles.   The format must include the leading - or
			-- for each option and each option must	 be  separated
			by a space like	so:

			    --gfiles-opts='-c --cold'

       Unless  otherwise documented, all BitKeeper commands return exit	status
       0 on success and	greater	than 0 on failure.

       The following commands are equivalent:

	     bk	-A get
	     bk	-R gfiles | bk -R get -
	     cd	`bk root`; bk gfiles | bk get -

       An example usage	for generating a  patch	 of  all  new  and/or  changed

	   $ bk	-cxU diff -Nu



BitKeeper Inc			      1E1			     bk(7.3.3)


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