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biew(1)			    General Commands Manual		       biew(1)

       BIEW - console hex viewer/editor	and disassembler.

       biew [OPTIONS] file...

       BIEW  (Binary  vIEW)  is	 a  free,  portable, advanced file viewer with
       built-in	editor for binary, hexadecimal and disassembler	modes.

       It contains a highlight PentiumIV/K7-Athlon/Cyrix-M2 disassembler, full
       preview	of MZ, NE, PE, LE, LX, DOS.SYS,	NLM, ELF, a.out, arch, coff32,
       PharLap,	rdoff executable formats, a code guider, and lot of other fea-
       tures, making it	invaluable for examining binary	code.

       Refer  to  biew_en.txt  and unix.txt files which	should come along with
       the program package for detailed	description of what BIEW  can  do  for
       you  -- this manual page	describes only several UNIX-specific features,
       and is quite useless without the	above mentioned	documents.

       -a     autodetect mode (default)

       -b     view file	in binary mode

       -d     view file	in disassembler	mode

       -h     view file	in hexadecimal mode

       -t     view file	in text	mode

       -s     change size of file to NNN bytes (create,	if file	does  not  ex-

       -i     ignore .ini file (create new)

       -?     display help screen

UNIX-specific features of BIEW
       1)  Key modifiers in terminal mode are re-mapped	as:

       CTRL+A =	ALT

       CTRL+C =	CTRL

       CTRL+S =	SHIFT

       i.e.  pressing CTRL+A acts as holding down ALT ,	and so on.  CTRL+Z re-
       sets modifiers to defaults. Modifiers are also reseted after any	 func-
       tion key	is pressed.

       [except for BIEW/LINUX in console mode]

       2)   There are several limitations on output in terminal	mode, i.e. you
       can't see all characters	as they	are (output is filtered	to avoid unex-
       pected behavior).

       [except for BIEW/LINUX in console mode]

       3)  It is possible to use 7bit output.

       4)  Configuration file is ~/.biewrc, not	biew.ini.

Linux-specific features
       Current	Linux  version	of  BIEW  supports two work modes: console and
       VT100  compatible  terminal.  Console  version  can  act	  EXACTLY   as
       dos/os2/win32  version,	this  means that you can't switch virtual con-
       soles by	pressing ALT+Fx, because these keys are	used by	 BIEW  --  use
       CTRL+ALT+Fx combination for that	purpose.

       Terminal	mode should work on any	VT100 compatible terminal.

       Linux console version uses:
	      -	scan codes (not	keystrokes)
	      -	direct video output via	/dev/vcsa

       IMPORTANT! Console mode is invoked only:
	      1) if "Direct console access" flag is enabled (F9)
	      2) on pure virtual terminal

       In any other case VT100 mode is used.

       There could be few.  You	can fix	them on	your own, or ask authors to do

       BIEW is written by
       Nickols_K <>.

       UNIX ports are done by
       Konstantin Boldyshev <>.

       BIEW homepage is	at

UNIX			 $Date:	2009/09/03 16:57:41 $		       biew(1)

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