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BGROT(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		      BGROT(1)

     bgrot -- a	program	to alleviate background	boredom


     The bgrot suite consists of a set of scripts to handle background image
     rotation.	The user interface scripts are Bourne shell (/bin/sh) scripts,
     while the backends	are implemented	in Perl	5.  The	primary	user inter-
     faces are provided	by two scripts: and is the meat of bgrot.  It is	the script that	handles	the
     randomization of the background image list, and the rotation of the im-
     ages.  Users may override the system defaults with	a config file in their
     home directory.  $CONFDIR,	which is where the system defaults live, is
     normally /usr/local/etc, though that maybe	have been changed by your sys-
     tem administrator on installation.	 The file $CONFDIR/bgrot.conf contains
     the system-wide defaults for bgrot, which can be overriden	by creating
     the file $BGROTDIR/conf/bgrot.conf, (though $HOME/.bgrotrc	is accepted
     for backward compatibility) and inserting the settings you	wish to	over-
     ride into it.  Most of the	settings are self-explanatory, the rest	can be
     easily understood by a cursory examination	of the scripts. Is a	utility	used to	prepare	the list of background images
     for	 All per-user information for bgrot is kept in
     $BGROTDIR,	which is normally $HOME/.bgrot.	 The program
     creates the image list from the images in $BGROTDIR/images	(which can be
     a symlink or a directory of symlinks), and	puts the output	list into the
     file $BGROTDIR/conf/master.background.list.  Note that ONLY
     includes files with the extensions	stated in the bgrot.conf file (either
     global or individual), and	WILL recurse through subdirectories of

     Simple place the images you wish to rotate	in the $BGROTDIR/images	direc-
     tory, run to	create the master image	list, and run in the background (perhaps nice'd, for instance
     /usr/bin/nice -15 & ), and it should	run perfectly.	It's
     not that complicated.

     bgrot is written, used, and maintained by Matthew Fuller <fullermd@over->.  See the official bgrot homepage at for updates.

UNIX			       January 18, 1999				  UNIX


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