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NAME - the bub-n-bros server.

SYNOPSIS [ level-file.bin ]	[options]
       python [ level-file.bin ] [options]

       Note  that  this	 script	is in the bubbob/ subdirectory of the original
       directory layout.

DESCRIPTION starts an http server that	 acts  as  a  control  panel  for  the
       server.	The  server  listens  on port 8000 by default. The url for the
       control panel is	http://server:port/0xN where 0xN is a random hex  num-
       ber  (acts  as minimal protection). This	url is printed when the	server
       starts.	You can	start and view games and kill  the  server  from  this
       panel.  The  control  panel also	allows you to type in the address of a
       server to connect to, the script	 will  then  open  a  client  to  that
       server.	The  http  server  also	 servers java applet clients for those
       players who wish	to use one.

       When a game is started the script opens a port  for  the	 game  server.
       This  port  can	then  be connected to by a client.  Clients autodetect
       servers running on the local network with UDP ping on port 8056.

   Connection forming
       The client forms	a tcp connection to the	server.	 Or,  when  using  the
       metaserver, the server forms a connection to the	client.	If this	fails,
       the client and server try a simultaneous	SYN  connect.  This  sometimes
       works  if  the  server and client are behind firewalls. The server then
       tries to	transmit the data over udp. If it gets no  response  from  the
       client it will fall back	to the existing	tcp connection.

       -b N, --begin N,	--start	N
	      Start at board (level) number N.	The default is 1. See also the
	      -s option.

       -h, --help
	      Display help.

       -i, --infinite
	      Restart the server at the	end of the game. Normally  the	server
	      quits  after a certain period of inactivity. This	is useful when
	      used with	the -m option to make a	public server that  is	avail-
	      able for a long time.

       -l N, --lives N
	      Limit number of lives to N.  If this option is not specified the
	      number of	lives will be infinite.

       -m, --metaserver
	      Register	server	with  the  Metaserver  (currently)  at	codes-  This makes your server visible to	everybody, and
	      also facilitates joining through a fascistic firewall.

       --port TYPE=N Sets default listening ports. If type is  LISTEN  ,  sets
	      the  game	server port to N.  The game server port	is chosen ran-
	      domly by default.	If the type is HTTP ,  sets  the  http	server
	      port to N.  The http server port defaults	to 8000.  Another port
	      will be chosen if	none was specified and 8000 is already in use.
	      The server also listens to UDP ping on port 8056.

       -s N, --step N
	      Increase board number with N when	a board	is completed. Defaults
	      to 1. see	also the -b option.

       The server outputs helpful debug	information concerning	the  http  and
       game servers.

SEE ALSO python(1)

Linux				  APRIL	2005


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