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BATTMOND(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		   BATTMOND(1)

     battmond -- monitor battery level on ACPI-enabled (laptop)	computers

     battmond [-d device] [-i interval]	[-W warning] [-H halt] [-z] [-h]

     battmond monitors the battery level on your ACPI-enabled (laptop) com-
     puter.  Battmond probes your battery level	in predefined intervals. When
     the battery level is running low it writes	a warning message to the sys-
     log.  On critical level, it powers	the computer down. Both	levels and the
     probe interval can	be configured on the command line.

     battmond probes the battery level through the ACPIIO_BATT_GET_BATTINFO
     ioctl(2) on /dev/acpi.  -d	option allows for defining a different device,
     although you shouldn't (probably) need it.	Probes are performed in	regu-
     lar intervals of 10 seconds. This value can be tweaked through the	-i op-
     tion. When	the computer is	on battery (i.e. there is a battery present
     and no power cord is connected), battmond checks the battery level
     against two values: the warning and the halt threshold. If	the battery
     level goes	below the former, a warning is sent to the syslog with a pri-
     ority of LOG_ALERT. If it goes below the latter, battmond initiates a
     system shutdown, through a	call to	/sbin/halt. The	warning	and halt
     thresholds	can be tuned using the -W and -H options respectively. Values
     are expressed in percentage of maximum charge, with default values	being
     10	(%) for	the warning message and	5 (%) for the system halt. Using the
     -z	option will switch the behaviour of the	program	to suspend the com-
     puter instead of shutting it down.	Finally, -h prints a brief help	mes-
     sage to the stderr	and terminates the program.

     acpi(1), acpiconf(8), ioctl(2)

     Nikos Ntarmos <>

FreeBSD	13.0			 Sep 20, 2019			  FreeBSD 13.0


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