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AUTOPOD(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	    AUTOPOD(1)

       autopod - using the Perl	library	Pod::Autopod to	generate javadoc like
       documentation with pod syntax. It is designed to	understand perl	code
       in class	style, so typically PM files.

       autopod [OPTIONS]

       The following options may be used:

       --help		 Prints	this help.

       --readfile | -r	 Perl module to	be parsed for building a pod.

       --writefile | -w	 Output	file to	write the pod.

			 If this filename has a	"pm" extension,	it also	writes
			 the perl code which was read from the origin.

			 If this filename has a	"pod" extension	or any other,
			 it only writes	the pod	content.

			 If there is no	--writefile used and no	--print, it
			 overwrites the	file set via --readfile.

			 My personal warning: as long this is a	new software,
			 better	backup your pm file before overwriting it

       --print | -p	 Instead of writing to a file, you can print to	STDOUT
			 the generated pod file.

				 e.g.: autopod -r Foo/ -p

				 You may combine this line to pipe to further applications.

				 e.g.: autopod -r Foo/ -p	| pod2text

				 Do not	use it in combination with readdir.

       --readdir | -d	 Scans a directory recursiv for	pm files and generates
			 the pod for them.

       --update	| -u	 In combination	with --readdir it updates only files
			 which have been pod'ed	with autopod in	the past.  An
			 alternative is	to write somewhere in the pm file the
			 magic word "AUTOPODME".

       --pod		 In combination	with --readdir it writes separat pod
			 files instead of updating the original	pm files.
			 They will be parallel to the pm file.

       --poddir		 It writes the pod files to a separate directory.
			 --pod is automatically	enabled	when using --poddir.

       --verbose	 In combination	with --readdir it prints the filenames
			 which are written. -d mylibs -u -verbose

       --version | -v	 Prints	the version of Pod::Autopod.

			 licence is LGPL

			 by Andreas Hernitscheck ahernit(AT)

perl v5.32.0			  2016-12-09			    AUTOPOD(1)


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