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AUTODIST(1)			 User Commands			   AUTODIST(1)

       Autodist	- Source distribution management system

       autodist	[options] [distribution] [version] [params]

       The  Autodist  is  a  source distribution management system that	allows
       powerful	mechanisms to define what is included in and excluded  from  a
       distribution,  and what license the distribution	is released under.  It
       is also used to create the actual distribution  source  packages.   Au-
       todist  allows distribution management in file, directory and file con-
       tent level.  Different distributions may	include	different portions  of
       files,  for  example, excluding certain features	from certain distribu-
       tions.  It is always guaranteed that anything not defined for the  dis-
       tribution, is removed automatically (files, file	content, directories),
       thus ensuring that nothing is accidentally included  in	the  distribu-

       Autodist	 is  closely  related  to the Autoconf and Automake tools, and
       complements the features	Autoconf and Automake provides.	 It  is	 espe-
       cially  targeted	 into  circumstances  where multiple distributions are
       created from one	source tree.  The Autoconf and Automake	environment is
       mainly  designed	 for  one  application per one source tree situations.
       Autodist	provides mechanisms to create all kinds	of distributions  that
       can  be	created	from one source	tree.  To be able to use Autodist, the
       Autoconf	and Automake must be installed into the	system.

       Operation modes:

       -h, --help
	      Prints the help for the Autodist and exits.

       -V, --version
	      Prints version number and	exits.

       -v, --verbose
	      Verbosely	report processing.

       -d, --distdir
	      Search distributions from	<dir> instead of default 'distdir'.

       -s, --distdefs [<dist>]
	      Prints distribution defines of <dist> and	exits.

       -i, --init
	      Initializes Autodist environment.	 Creates the default distribu-
	      tion directory 'distdir',	'autodist.conf'	configuration file and
	      the default distribution 'default', then exits.

       -p, --process <type> <src> <dst>
	      Process file <src> into <dst> for	distribution, <type> is	'make-
	      file',  'configure',  'non-source'  or  'source' and defines the
	      type of <src>.

       -m, --makedist
	      Creates and packages distribution

       --gzip Create package compressed	with gzip (default)

	      Create also package compressed with bzip2

	      Create also package compressed with compress

       --zip  Create also package compressed with zip

       Copyright (C) 2005 Pekka	Riikonen, SILC Project
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO  warranty;  not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR

       autoconf(1), automake(1),

       The full	documentation for autodist is maintained as a Texinfo  manual.
       If  the info and	autodist programs are properly installed at your site,
       the command

	      info autodist

       should give you access to the complete manual.

SILC Autodist 1.5		  April	2005			   AUTODIST(1)


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