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AUTH2(8)							      AUTH2(8)

       auth2 - Coda authentication server

       auth2  [	 -r ] [	-chk ] [ -x debuglevel ] [ -p passwordfile ] [ -tk to-
       kenkey ]	[ -fk filekey ]

       auth2 is	the Coda authentication	server.	 Clients need to have  an  au-
       thentication  token from	auth2 in order to establish authenticated con-
       nections	to Coda	file servers.

       auth2 supports the following commands line options:

       -r     Tells auth2 to print log entries to the controlling  tty	rather
	      than a log file.

       -chk   Causes  auth2  to	only validate passwords.  New password entries
	      cannot be	added via this server instance.	 Servers started  with
	      the -chk option are slave	servers. There should only be one mas-
	      ter server (SCM) in the system.

       -x     Sets the server debuglevel. This level controls  the  amount  of
	      debugging	information printed by the server.

       -p     Used  to	tell  auth2 where its password file is.	Typically this
	      file is /vice/db/

       -tk    Specifies	where the tokenkey file	is found  which	 auth2	should
	      use    when   encrypting	 tokens.   Normally   this   file   is

       -fk    Name of file containing the key to  decrypt  the	password  file

       o 1987, Adapted from AFS-2

       o Joshua	Raiff, 1993, Created man page

Coda Distributed File System	 25 April 2005			      AUTH2(8)


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