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ASR(4)			 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual			ASR(4)

     asr -- driver for Adaptec I2O based SCSI/ATA host bus adapters

     device asr

     The Adaptec asr driver provides access to disks and disk arrays con-
     trolled by	I2O based host bus adapters and	SmartRAID SCSI RAID adapters
     through the standard SCSI disk da(4) interface.  The adapters currently
     supported include the following RAID adapters:

     Adaptec Zero-Channel SCSI RAID 2000S & 2005S
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 2100S (2110S)
     Adaptec ATA-100 RAID 2400A
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 3200S (3210S)
     Adaptec SCSI RAID 3400S (3410S)
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM1554
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM2554
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM2564
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM2664
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM2754
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM2865
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM3754
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM3755U2B / SmartRAID V Millennium
     Adaptec SmartRAID PM3757
     DEC KZPCC-AC (LVD 1-ch, 4MB or 16MB cache), DEC KZPCC-CE (LVD 3-ch, 64MB
     cache), DEC KZPCC-XC (LVD 1-ch, 16MB cache), DEC KZPCC-XE (LVD 3-ch, 64MB
     cache) -- rebadged	SmartRAID V Millennium

     Some of the adapters provide 64 bit PCI, Compact PCI, ACPI	and up to four
     channels of Ultra 160 SCSI, or two	channels of 1GB	Fibre.	All support
     RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-10, RAID-5 and RAID-50 arrays.  All SCSI target
     types are supported.  For the ATA based controllers, one IDE drive	per
     channel is	supported.  Hot-swapping of IDE	drives is not supported	at
     this time.

     The PCI adapters automatically configure using the	configuration mecha-
     nism of the bus they are on.  With	PCI adapters the IRQ sometimes has to
     be	assigned from a	BIOS configuration menu	(some BIOS's do	this automati-

     All host bus adapters must	be configured before they can be used with any
     operating system.	Please contact Adaptec directly	to obtain the latest
     information on configuration utilities for	the adapters.  Currently there
     are both a	GUI Motif based	configuration utility and a CLI	based configu-
     ration utility available from the Adaptec Web site.  Note that in the ab-
     sence of a	native FreeBSD version of the configuration utilities does not
     mean one cannot configure the devices via the BIOS	based configuration
     tool Storage Manager on ROM (SMOR).

     /dev/asr*	Adaptec	SCSI RAID control nodes

     The ATA based controllers present their devices as	SCSI-like devices via
     CAM.  For IDE drives attached to these cards, a subset of standard	SCSI
     commands and mode pages are understood via	translation performed in the
     card's firmware.


     The asr (Adaptec SCSI RAID) driver	first appeared as the dpti2o driver
     under BSDi	BSD/OS 3.2, then under FreeBSD 2.2.8 and was ported over to
     the CAM layer represented in 4.0.

     The asr driver was	kindly donated by Adaptec and is maintained by Mark
     Salyzyn <>.  This manual page was written by Mark
     Salyzyn and fixed up by Jeroen Ruigrok van	der Werven

BSD			       October 27, 2000				   BSD


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