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ASNVAL(1)		   NCBI	Tools User's Manual		     ASNVAL(1)

       asnval -	validate ASN.1 biological sequence records

       asnval [-] [-A] [-B] [-C	N] [-D]	[-E str] [-F] [-G] [-J]	[-K] [-L file-
       name] [-M] [-N flags] [-P N] [-Q	N] [-R N] [-S N] [-T] [-U]  [-X]  [-Y]
       [-Z]  [-a type]	[-b]  [-c]  [-d	path] [-e] [-f str] [-i	filename] [-j]
       [-k] [-l] [-o filename] [-p path] [-q] [-r] [-u]	[-v N]	[-w]  [-x str]

       asnval  is  a command-line tool to validate ASN.1-format	biological se-
       quence records.

       A summary of options is included	below.

       -      Print usage message

       -A     Validate Alignments

       -B     Validate Barcodes

       -C N   Max count

       -D     Disable message suppression

       -E str Only Error Code to Show

       -F     Test network access

       -G     GI lookup	from accession

       -J     Require ISO-JTA?

       -K     Summary to error file

       -L filename
	      Log File

       -M     Match locus_tag against General ID

       -N flags
	      Latitude-longitude / country flags
	      0	     none
	      1	     test state/province
	      2	     ignore water exception
	      3	     both of the above

       -P N   Highest severity for error to show:
	      0	     none
	      1	     informational
	      2	     warning
	      3	     error (default for	-Q)
	      4	     grounds for rejection (default for	-P, -R)

       -Q N   Lowest severity for error	to show, per P

       -R N   Severity for error in return code, per P

       -S N   Skip count

       -T     Use Threads

       -U     Genome center submission

       -X     Exon splice check

       -Y     Check against old	IDs

       -Z     Remote CDS product fetch

       -a type
	      Input ASN.1 type:
	      a	     Automatic (default)
	      c	     Catenated
	      z	     Any
	      e	     seq-Entry
	      b	     Bioseq
	      s	     bioseq-Set
	      m	     seq-subMit
	      t	     baTch bioseq-set
	      u	     batch seq-sUbmit

       -b     Batch file is Binary

       -c     Batch file is Compressed

       -d path
	      Path to Indexed Binary ASN.1 Data

       -e     Ignore transcription/translation Exceptions

       -x str Substring	filter

       -i filename
	      Single input file	(standard input	by default)

       -j     Validator	code performance test

       -k     Local fetching

       -l     Lock components in advance

       -o filename
	      Single output file

       -p path
	      Path to ASN.1 Files

       -q     Taxonomy lookup

       -r     Remote Fetching from ID

       -u     Recurse

       -v N   Verbosity:
	      1	     Standard report (default)
	      2	     Accession / severity / code (space	delimited)
	      3	     Accession / severity / code (tab delimited)
	      4	     XML report
	      5	     Accession / GI / severity / code (tab delimited)
	      6	     Logged report

       -w     SeqSubmitParent flag

       -x str File selection substring (.ent by	default)

       -y     Special indexer tests

       The National Center for Biotechnology Information.

       asndisc(1), cleanasn(1),	sequin(1).

NCBI				  2016-09-01			     ASNVAL(1)


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