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ASN2FF(1)		   NCBI	Tools User's Manual		     ASN2FF(1)

       asn2ff -	convert	ASN.1 biological data to a flat	format (old version)

       asn2ff  [-]  [-A	X]  [-B	X] [-C]	[-G] [-L F] [-M] [-R] [-V F] [-a file-
       name] [-b] [-d] [-e] [-f	b/p/e/s/x/z] [-g] [-h F] [-k F]	 [-l filename]
       [-m r/d/s/c/k/l/e/p]  [-n F]  [-o filename]  [-p	F]  [-q] [-r filename]
       [-s] [-t] [-v F]	[-w] [-y] [-z]

       asn2ff converts descriptions of biological sequences from NCBI's	 ASN.1
       format  to  one	of  several  flat-file formats.	 This program is built
       around a	deprecated interface; please use asn2gb(1) instead.

       A summary of options is included	below.

       -      Print usage message

       -A X   Show region starting at X	(default is 0)

       -B X   Show region ending at X (default is last position)

       -C     Show Bankit comments

       -G     Output is	one top	bioseq only in genome view

       -L F   Use old (pre-Genbank 127.0) LOCUS	line format

       -M     Output is	map bioseqs only

       -R     For GenBank Release

       -V F   Don't use	VERSION

       -a filename
	      Filename for ASN.1 input (default	is stdin)

       -b     Input asnfile in binary mode

       -d     Use SeqMgr indexing

       -e     Input is a Seq-entry

       -f b/p/e/s/x/z
	      Output Format:
	      b	     GenBank (default)
	      p	     GenPept
	      e	     EMBL
	      s	     PseudoEMBL
	      x	     GenBankSelect
	      z	     EMBLPEPT

       -g     Show gi numbers

       -h F   Hide sequence

       -k F   Don't use	complex	sets (phy-set,mut-set, pop-set)

       -l filename
	      Log errors to filename

       -m r/d/s/c/k/l/e/p
	      Output mode:
	      r	     release (default)
	      d	     dump
	      s	     Sequin
	      c	     Chromoscope
	      k	     dir-sub-debug
	      l	     dir-sub
	      e	     revise
	      p	     partial report

       -n F   Strict gene_binding

       -o filename
	      Output Filename (default is stdout)

       -p F   Omit new gene features

       -q     Output is	one top	bioseq only

       -r filename
	      Output error logfile (default is stderr)

       -s     Input is a Seq-submit

       -t     Show verbose message text

       -v F   Suppress error messages

       -w     Use HTML output format

       -y     Print help format	only

       -z     New algorithm for	orgnames

       The National Center for Biotechnology Information.

       asn2all(1), asn2asn(1), asn2fsa(1), asn2gb(1), asn2xml(1), asndhuff(1).

NCBI				  2005-05-16			     ASN2FF(1)


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