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ash(1)			    General Commands Manual			ash(1)

       ash  -  utility	program	to make	AppleTalk afp client calls to test CAP
       access to AppleShare servers

       ash [ -d	_flags_	] [ nbpentity ]

       ash acts	as an afp client "shell" to allow the user to issue a few sim-
       ple  commands  to an AppleShare (afp) server.  This can be used to test
       the Columbia AppleTalk Package (CAP) afp	client routines, or to test  a
       CAP afp server (	aufs program).

       Basically, the user invokes ash with the	AppleTalk NBP name of a	server
       which it	will attempt to	contact.  If no	server name is	specified,  it
       will attempt to contact a default server	name compiled into the program
       and probably non-existent  at  your  site.   After  connecting  to  the
       server,	you are	prompted to log	in with	your server name and password,
       and then	offered	a list of volumes to select.   Finally,	 you  enter  a
       loop  which  prompts  for  simple  actions that can be attempted	on the
       server, such as listing a directory (folder)  or	 changing  directories
       (folders).   You	 must terminate	the program to end the loop (for exam-
       ple, with CTRL-C).  If you are testing an aufs server, this  may	 leave
       the  aufs  child	process	running	on the UNIX host for you to kill sepa-

       -d _flags_
		 specify standard CAP debugging	flags.	See CAP(3) for a  list
		 of valid flags.

       nbpentity specify  the fully-qualified NBP name of the afp server to be
		 contacted, for	example, UNIX Aufs:AFPServer@* .   If  no  NBP
		 name  is  specified,  a default server	name compiled into the
		 program will be used.	This will almost certainly not work at
		 your  site.   Don't forget to enclose this argument in	quotes
		 if it contains	any embedded blanks.

       This is a typescript of a sample	session	initiated on a UNIX host named
       "pangea"	 which	is running a standard aufs server named	"Pangea	Aufs".
       My responses to prompts are in italics.
       pangea> ash 'Pangea Aufs:AFPServer@*'
       abInit: [ddp:   4.51, 31] starting
       Looking for Pangea Aufs:AFPServer@* ...
       Unix server name	Pangea Aufs
       There are 3 AVO strings
       Entries in indexed string: 3
       1: 'AFPVersion 1.0'
       2: 'AFPVersion 1.1'
       3: 'AFPVersion 2.0'
       There is	1 UAM strings
       Entries in indexed string: 1
       1: 'Cleartxt passwrd'
       comp  = 0
       User name?
       Password: [not echoed for security]
       Found 3 volumes
       Volume Earth_Sciences has no password
       Volume Pangea-Mac files has no password
       Volume Pangea-Unix files	has no password
       Returned	server:	649031553
       Server time Thu Jul 26 15:32:33 1990
       What volume?
       VOLID = 1
       Valid commands are:
       d[irectory] - long file listing
       l[s] - short file listing
       c[d] - connect to directory
       g[et] - get a file
       p[ut] - put a file
       7 items
       Count = 7
       README [file 12289, 2], res 0 + dat 592 = 592
       Virus Prevention	[dir - 320, 2, 4 entries]
       MacIP3.03 [dir -	321, 2,	4 entries]
       System 6.0.5 [dir - 322,	2, 4 entries]
       MacIP 4.0 [dir -	323, 2,	9 entries]
       Downloading Tools [dir -	324, 2,	4 entries]
       Hypercard v1.2.2	[dir - 325, 2, 6 entries]

       CAP(8), CAP(3), aufs(8),	AUFS(1)

       Manual entry by Phil Farrell, Stanford University School	of Earth  Sci-

       Should  provide	a  graceful  way  to exit that will properly close the
       server connection.

Columbia University		 26 July 1990				ash(1)


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