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ARIA_READ_LOG(1)		 User Commands		      ARIA_READ_LOG(1)

       aria_read_log - display Aria log	file contents

       aria_read_log OPTIONS

       Display	and apply log records from a Aria transaction log found	in the
       current directory (for now)

       Note: Aria is compiled without  -DIDENTICAL_PAGES_AFTER_RECOVERY	 which
       means that the table files are not byte-to-byte identical to files cre-
       ated during normal execution.  This  should  be	ok,  except  for  test
       scripts that tries to compare files before and after recovery.

       You need	to use one of -d or -a

       -a, --apply
	      Apply  log  to tables: modifies tables! you should make a	backup
	      first!  Displays a lot of	information if not run with --silent

	      Directory	where character	sets are.

       -c, --check
	      if --display-only, check if record is fully readable (for	debug-

       -#, --debug[=name]
	      Output debug log.	Often the argument is 'd:t:o,filename'.

	      Force crash after	# recovery events

       -?, --help
	      Display this help	and exit.

       -d, --display-only
	      display brief info read from records' header

       -e, --end-lsn=#
	      Stop  applying  at this lsn. If end-lsn is used, UNDO:s will not
	      be applied

       -h, --aria-log-dir-path=name
	      Path to the directory where to store transactional log

       -P, --page-buffer-size=#
	      The size of the buffer used for index blocks for Aria tables

       -o, --start-from-lsn=#
	      Start reading log	from this lsn

       -C, --start-from-checkpoint
	      Start applying from last checkpoint

       -s, --silent
	      Print less information during apply/undo phase

       -T, --tables-to-redo=name
	      List of tables sepearated	with , that we should apply  REDO  on.
	      Use this if you only want	to recover some	tables

       -t, --tmpdir=name
	      Path for temporary files.	Multiple paths can be specified, sepa-
	      rated by colon (:)

	      The size of the buffer used for transaction log for Aria tables

       -u, --undo
	      Apply UNDO records to tables. (disable with --disable-undo) (De-
	      faults to	on; use	--skip-undo to disable.)

       -v, --verbose
	      Print more information during apply/undo phase

       -V, --version
	      Print version and	exit.

       Default	options	 are read from the following files in the given	order:
       /etc/my.cnf /etc/mysql/my.cnf ~/.my.cnf

       The following groups are	read: aria_read_log

       The following options may be given as the first argument:

	      Print the	program	argument list and exit.

	      Don't read default options from any option file.

	      Only read	default	options	from the given file #.

	      Read this	file after the global files are	read.


       For more	information, please  refer  to	the  MariaDB  Knowledge	 Base,
       available online	at

aria_read_log Ver 1.3		   May 2014		      ARIA_READ_LOG(1)


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