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ARGON2(1)			 User Commands			     ARGON2(1)

       argon2 -	generate argon2	hashes

       argon2 salt [OPTIONS]

       Generate	Argon2 hashes from the command line.

       The  supplied salt (the first argument to the command) must be at least
       8 octets	in length, and the password is supplied	on standard input.

       By default, this	uses Argon2i variant (where memory access is  indepen-
       dent  of	 secret	 data) which is	the preferred one for password hashing
       and password-based key derivation.

       -h     Display tool usage

       -d     Use Argon2d instead of Argon2i (Argon2i is the default)

       -id    Use Argon2id instead of Argon2i (Argon2i is the default)

       -t N   Sets the number of iterations to N (default = 3)

       -m N   Sets the memory usage of 2^N KiB (default	= 12)

       -p N   Sets parallelism to N threads (default = 1)

       -l N   Sets hash	output length to N bytes (default = 32)

       -e     Output only encoded hash

       -r     Output only the raw bytes	of the hash

       -v (10|13)
	      Argon2 version (defaults to the most recent  version,  currently

       This  manpage was written by Daniel Kahn	Gillmor	for the	Debian distri-
       bution (but may be used by others).  It is released, like the  rest  of
       this Argon2 implementation, under a dual	license. You may use this work
       under the terms of a Creative Commons CC0  1.0  License/Waiver  or  the
       Apache Public License 2.0, at your option.

argon2				  April	2016			     ARGON2(1)


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