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arena(1)		    General Commands Manual		      arena(1)

       arena - scripting language interpreter

       /usr/local/bin/arena [ options ]	script [ script	options	]

       The  arena  program is an interpreter for the Arena scripting language.
       It uses the first non-option argument as	the script file	 to  interpret
       and passes all following	command	line options to	the script.

       Option  processing  can be aborted by using the special option --.  The
       next command line argument will be taken	as the script to execute  even
       if it matches a regular interpreter option.

       -h or --help
	      Display a	short option summary.

       -V or --version
	      Display the version number of the	interpreter.

       -c or --check
	      Perform only syntax checking. The	script will be read and	parsed
	      by the interpreter. Syntax errors	 will  be  reported,  but  the
	      script is	not executed on	a successful parse.

       -d or --dump
	      Dump script contents on standard output. The script will be read
	      an parsed	by the interpreter, but	not  executed.	 Instead,  the
	      interpreter  prints  out	its internal parse tree	of the script,
	      converted	back into Arena	source code. Comments from  the	 input
	      script  may  be missing, and some	language constructs may	be ex-
	      panded to	a different form.

	      This option is intended for debugging the	interpreter itself, in
	      the case that it misinterprets a script.

       If a syntax or runtime error occurs, the	exit status of the interpreter
       is 1 and	a diagnostic message is	printed	on standard error.

       If no syntax or runtime error occurs, the exit  status  of  the	inter-
       preter is that of the script executed. Note that	some debugging options
       of the interpreter itself will preclude the  script  from  running.  In
       that case the exit status is 0.

       Pascal Schmidt

				  18 May 2006			      arena(1)


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