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APPROVE_FRIENDS(1)    User Contributed Perl Documentation   APPROVE_FRIENDS(1)

       approve_friends - Approve new friends and post a	comment	to them

       Version 0.09

       approve_friends [-m message] [-y] [-u username -p password] [-nc]
	   [-f filename] [-c cache_file] [-gc message ]

       approve_friends [-f filename.yaml]

       The first form of the command specifies arguments on the	command	line.
       If the -f flag is used, the username, password, and message will	be
       read from the file. The username	on the first line, password on the
       second, and message on the remaining lines.

	-nc: no	comment. Just approve friend requests, don't leave comments.
	-c cache_file: Use "cache_file"	as the file to store info about	who
	       we've commented.
	-gc message: If	we approve less	than 50	friends, post "message"	as a
	       comment to any friends we have that don't already have a	comment	on
	       their page. See the example below for how this is useful.

       The second form of the command takes a YAML configuration file. Any
       other command-line arguments will be ignored.

       Note that the ability to	specify	the cache file lets you	set a
       different file if you have multiple accounts. If	you use	the same
       cache_file as you do for	the "comment" script (and you should), both
       scripts will avoid posting to users you've already commented with
       either script. This allows you to run them concurrently.


	# Approve and leave a comment for new friends. Since we	can comment 50
	# people a day,	if we've approved/commented less than 50, go through the
	# rest of our friends list and leave a comment for as many as we can.
	# This will leave "Thanks for adding me!" as a comment for new friends,
	# and "Just stopping by	to say hello!" as a comment for	existing friends.
	# Remember, will automatically skip profiles	you've already
	# commented or are on the top 8	of.
	# Stops	at 50 total posts.
	approve_friends	-m "Thanks for adding me\!" \
	    -gc	"Just stopping by to say hello\!"

	Sample YAML config file:

	password: ILikePasswords
	message: |
	  This is a message.

	  It is	a few lines long

	  - Me
	silent:	1  # Or	0 (default)
	no_comment: 1  # Or 0 (default)
	cache_file: /home/joe/approve_cache

perl v5.32.1			  2008-06-19		    APPROVE_FRIENDS(1)


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