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ANSILOVE(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		   ANSILOVE(1)

     ansilove -- ANSI /	ASCII art to PNG converter

     ansilove [-dhiqrsSv] [-b bits] [-c	columns] [-f font] [-m mode] [-o file]
	      [-R factor] [-t type] file

     ansilove is an ANSI / ASCII art to	PNG converter, allowing	to convert
     ANSI and artscene-related file formats into PNG images, supporting	ANSI
     (.ANS), PCBoard (.PCB), Binary (.BIN), Artworx (.ADF), iCE	Draw (.IDF),
     Tundra (.TND) and XBin (.XB) formats.

     It	creates	size optimized 4-bit PNG files and supports SAUCE (Standard
     Architecture for Universal	Comment	Extensions), 80x25 and 80x50 PC	fonts
     (including	all the	14 MS-DOS charsets), Amiga fonts, and iCE colors.

     The options are as	follows:

     -b	bits	 Set to	9 to render 9th	column of block	characters (default:

     -c	columns	 Adjust	number of columns for ANSI, BIN, and TND files.

     -d		 Enable	DOS aspect ratio.

     -f	font	 Select	font for supported formats.

		 Valid options for PC fonts are:

		 80x25		    Default (Code page 437)

		 80x50		    80x50 mode (Code page 437)

		 cp737		    Greek (Code	page 737)

		 cp775		    Baltic (Code page 775)

		 cp850		    Latin1 (Code page 850)

		 cp852		    Latin2 (Code page 852)

		 cp855		    Cyrillic (Code page	855)

		 cp857		    Turkish (Code page 857)

		 cp860		    Portuguese (Code page 860)

		 cp861		    Icelandic (Code page 861)

		 cp862		    Hebrew (Code page 862)

		 cp863		    French Canadian (Code page 863)

		 cp865		    Nordic (Code page 865)

		 cp866		    Russian (Code page 866)

		 cp869		    Greek (Code	page 869)

		 terminus	    Terminus (Modern font, code	page 437)

		 Valid options for Amiga fonts are:

		 amiga		    Alias to Topaz, see	below

		 microknight	    Original MicroKnight version

		 microknight+	    Modified MicroKnight version

		 mosoul		    Original mO'sOul font

		 pot-noodle	    Original P0T-NOoDLE	font

		 topaz		    Original Topaz Kickstart 2.x version

		 topaz+		    Modified Topaz Kickstart 2.x+ version

		 topaz500	    Original Topaz Kickstart 1.x version

		 topaz500+	    Modified Topaz Kickstart 1.x version

     -h		 Show help.

     -i		 Enable	iCE colors.

     -m	mode	 Set rendering mode for	ANS files.

		 Valid options are:

		 ced	 Black on gray,	with 78	columns.

			 Render	with transparent background.

			 Use Amiga Workbench palette.

     -o	file	 Specify output	filename/path.

     -q		 Suppress output messages (quiet).

     -r		 Create	Retina @2x output file.

     -R	factor	 Create	Retina output file with	custom scale factor.

     -t	type	 Specify input file type.

		 Valid types are:

		 ans	 ANSi (ANSI escape sequences: ANSI X3.64 standard)

		 adf	 Artworx format, supporting custom character sets and

		 bin	 Binary	format (raw memory copy	of text	mode video

		 idf	 iCE Draw format, supporting custom character sets and

		 pcb	 PCBoard Bulletin Board	System (BBS) own file format

		 tnd	 TundraDraw format, supporting 24-bit color mode

		 xb	 XBin format, supporting custom	character sets and

     -s		 Show SAUCE record without generating output.

     -S		 If available, use SAUCE info for render options (ex: width).

     -v		 Show version information.

     To	render a file with iCE colors enabled:

	   $ ansilove -i file.ans

     To	create a Retina	@2x output file:

	   $ ansilove -r file.ans

     To	creates	a Retina output	file with a custom scale factor:

	   $ ansilove -R 3 file.ans

     To	only display SAUCE record without generating output:

	   $ ansilove -s file.ans
     To	render a file with transparent background:

	   $ ansilove -m transparent file.ans

     To	render a file using a custom font:

	   $ ansilove -f amiga file.txt

     To	render a file using a custom font, rendering the 9th column, enabling
     iCE colors, and using DOS aspect ratio:

	   $ ansilove -f 80x50 -b 9 -d -i file.ans

     ansilove was written by Stefan Vogt, Brian	Cassidy, and Frederic Cambus.

FreeBSD	13.0			August 28, 2020			  FreeBSD 13.0


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