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ansifilter(1)		      user documentation		 ansifilter(1)

       Ansifilter - ANSI escape	code processor and converter

       ansifilter  [d:i:F:m:o:r:s:e:fhptvHRT] [-i input	file] [-o output file]
       [--text]	[--html] [--latex] [--tex] [--rtf] [input files]

       Ansifilter is a small utility to	handle text files containing ANSI ter-
       minal  escape codes. The	command	sequences may be stripped or be	inter-
       preted to generate formatted output (HTML, LaTeX, TeX, RTF).

       See the README file for details.

File options
       -i, --input=<file>
	      Name of input file

       -o, --output=<file>
	      Name of output file

       -O, --outdir=<dir>
	      Name of output directory

       -t, --tail
	      Continue reading after end-of-file (like tail  -f).  Use	system
	      tail if available.

       -x, --max-size=<size>
	      Set maximum input	file size (examples: 512M, 1G; default:	256M)

Output formats
       -T, --text
	      Output text (default)

       -H, --html
	      Output HTML

       -M, --pango
	      Output Pango markup

       -L, --latex
	      Output LaTeX

       -P, --tex
	      Output Plain TeX

       -R, --rtf
	      Output RTF

       -B, --bbcode
	      Output BBCode

       -S, --svg
	      Output SVG

Format options
       -a, --anchors(=self)
	      Add HTML line anchors (opt: self referencing, assumes -l)

       -d, --doc-title
	      Set HTML/LaTeX/SVG document title

       -f, --fragment
	      Omit HTML	header and footer

       -F, --font=<font>
	      Set HTML/RTF/SVG font face

       -k, --ignore-clear(=false)
	      Do not adhere to clear (ESC K) commands (default:	true)

       -c, --ignore-csi
	      Do not adhere to CSI commands (useful for	UTF-8 input)

       -l, --line-numbers
	      Print line numbers in output file

       -m, --map=<path>
	      Read color mapping file (see README)

       -r, --style-ref=<rf>
	      Set HTML/TeX/LaTeX/SVG stylesheet	path

       -s, --font-size=<num?>
	      Set HTML/RTF/SVG font size

       -e, --encoding=<enc>
	      Set  HTML	encoding (must match input file	encoding); omit	encod-
	      ing information if enc=NONE

       -p, --plain
	      Ignore ANSI formatting information

       -w, --wrap=<len>
	      Wrap long	lines

	      Omit trailing newline

	      Omit version info	comment

	      Omit line	numbers	of wrapped lines (assumes -l)

	      Output dynamic stylesheets (HTML/SVG)

ASCII art options
	      Parse codepage 437 ASCII art (HTML and RTF output)

	      Parse BIN/XBIN ASCII art	(HTML output, no stdin)

	      Parse Tundra ANSI	art  (HTML output, no stdin)

	      Set ASCII	art width (default 80)

	      Set ASCII	art height (default 150)

       -h, --help
	      print help

       -v, --version
	      print version and	license	info

       If no in- or output files are specified,	stdin and stdout will be  used
       for   in- or output.  Plain text	will be	generated, if no output	format
       is given.  Parsing XBIN files overrides --art-width,  --art-height  and
       --map  options.	 The ANSI art file formats BIN,	XBIN and TND cannot be
       read from stdin.

       File conversions:

       ansifilter -i text_with_ansi.txt	-o text_without_ansi.txt

       tail -f server.log | ansifilter

       ansifilter *.txt

       Andre Simon <>

       More information	at

Andre Simon			  2020-09-28			 ansifilter(1)

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