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AMLABEL(8)		System Administration Commands		    AMLABEL(8)

       amlabel - label an Amanda tape

       amlabel [--barcode barcode] [--meta meta-label] [--assign] [-f]
	       [--version] [-o configoption...]	config [label] [slot slot]

       This command applies a label to an Amanda volume, erasing the volume in
       the process.

       Amanda uses labels to identify volumes: amdump(8) and amflush(8)	verify
       the label before	writing	to make	sure the proper	volume is loaded, and
       the recovery programs use the label to ensure they are reading the data
       they expect.

       If no [slot] and	no [barcode] is	given, then amlabel labels the tape in
       the current slot	of the default changer.	If a slot is given, it labels
       the volume in that slot.	If a barcode is	given, it labels the volume
       with that barcode.  Label may be	any string that	does not contain
       whitespace and that matches the labelstr	(see amanda.conf(5)).

       If [label] is not given,	an autolabel is	generated, see autolabel in

       If [--assign] is	given, the barcode and meta-label are assigned to the
       label without labeling the volume. The label must already be in the
       tapelist	file.

       This command also appends the new volume	to the tapelist(5) file, so
       that they will be used in the order they	are labeled (depending on the
       taperscan in use	-- see amanda-taperscan(7)).

       As a precaution,	amlabel	will not write a label if the volume already
       contains	an active label	or if the label	specified is on	an active
       tape. The [-f] (force) flag bypasses these verifications.

       --barcode barcode
	   With	[--assign], assign the barcode to the label. Without
	   [--assign], label the volume	with that barcode.

       --meta meta-label
	   Assign the meta label to the	label after labeling the volume.

	   Assign the barcode or meta-label to the label without labeling the
	   volume. The label must already be in	the tapelist file.

	   Force the label operation; see above

	   Output version information

       -o configoption
	   See the "CONFIGURATION OVERRIDE" section in amanda(8).

       Write an	Amanda label with the string "DMP000" on the current volume:
       % amlabel daily DMP000

       Label the tape in slot 3	of the changer with the	label "DMP003":
       % amlabel daily DMP003 slot 3

       Label 'label' doesn't match labelstr 'labelstr'
	   The given label does	not match the configured labelstr. Even	with
	   -f, this is an error.

       Label 'label' already on	a volume
	   The given label is already on another volume	in the tapelist, and
	   Amanda will not write it to this volume unless forced.

       Found label 'label', but	it is not from configuration config.
	   The label amlabel found on the volume does not match	this
	   configuration's labelstr, so	it is probably part of a different
	   Amanda configuration. Amanda	will not overwrite the label unless it
	   is forced.

       Volume with label 'label' contains data from this configuration.
	   The label amlabel found on the volume still has valid data on it
	   and Amanda will not overwrite it unless forced. Note	that this does
	   not distinguish between active and inactive volumes.

       amanda(8), amanda.conf(5), tapelist(5), amanda-taperscan(7), amdump(8),

       The Amanda Wiki:	:

       James da	Silva <>

       Stefan G. Weichinger <>

       Dustin J. Mitchell <>
	   Zmanda, Inc.	(

Amanda 3.3.9			  02/09/2016			    AMLABEL(8)


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