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AMADDCLIENT(8)		System Administration Commands		AMADDCLIENT(8)

       amaddclient - program to	add client to an existing Amanda configuration

       amaddclient --config config ||
		    --client client name ||
		    --diskdev directory	to backup [--m]	[--dumptype string]
		   [--includefile string] [--includelist string]
		   [--excludefile string] [--excludelist string]
		   [--user string] [--auth string] [--gnutar_list_dir string]
		   [--amandates	string]	[--no-client-update] [--batch]

       After Amanda rpms are successfully installed and	amserverconfig is run,
       amaddclient will	add client to the Amanda configuration.	 amaddclient
       create or update	Amanda disklist(5) file	and create or update
       /var/lib/amanda/.amandahosts file on the	server.

       If --no-client-update is	not specified, amaddclient will	attempt	to
       update or create	/var/lib/amanda/.amandahost, amanda-client.conf	and
       gnutar-lists on the client. (See	ssh-keygen(1) and ssh-add(1) for

       amaddclient must	be run by user amandabackup.

       --config, --client and --diskdev	must be	specified.

	   Options may be abbreviated, as long as the abbreviation is not
	   ambiguous. Option argument can either separated by '=' or a space.
	   Example: --conf=v253, --client

       --config	config
	   Amanda configuration	which this program will	add the	client to.

       --client	client
	   The name of the client machine to add. FQDN name recommended.

       --diskdev diskdev
	   Directory for this Amanda configuration to backup.

	   Modify existing entry in the	disklist(5) file.

	   Note: if disklist(5)	file has been modified manually, this option
	   might not work.

       --dumptype dumptype
	   dumptype to use. Dumptype must be defined in
	   /etc/amanda/template.d/dumptypes or /etc/amanda/$config/amanda.conf
	   file. Default: [user-tar]

       --user string
	   name	of user	using amrecover	on the client, default is root.

       --auth string
	   authentication method to use	when running amrecover from the	client
	   , default is	bsdtcp.

       --gnutar_list_dir string
	   directory where gnutar keep its state file on the client. Absolute
	   path	required. Default is /var/lib/amanda/gnutar-lists. If
	   --no-client-update is not set, this program will attempt to create
	   the directory on the	client.

       --amandates string
	   file	where amanda keep the date of each dumplevel on	the client,
	   default is /etc/amandates.

	   Turn	on batch mode when copying files to the	client,	default	is off

	   If this option is set, amaddclient will not attempt to
	   update/create .amandahosts, amanda-client.conf and gnutar-lists
	   file	on the client.

	   Display usage.

	   If any of the following four	options	are used,  amaddclient will
	   extend the dumptype definition to an	in-line	definition in the
	   disklist(5) file.

       --includefile string
	   string is a glob expression

       --includelist string
	   string is a file name on the	client containing glob expressions.
	   Specify either --includefile	or --includelist.

       --excludefile string
	   string is a glob expression

       --excludelist string
	   string is a file name on the	client containing glob expressions.
	   Specify either --excludefile	or --excludelist.

	   Amanda configuration	template files install location

	   amandabackup	home directory

	   Amanda authentication file.

	   A directory which contains backup timestamp and list	of files
	   backed up.

	   Amanda configuration	files location for $config(e.g:	DailySet1).

	   A directory contains	dumptypes and tapetypes	files used by all
	   Amanda configurations.

	   Amanda file on the client. It keeps track of	structures of previous

	   directory contains Amanda debug log files.

       On success, zero	is returned.  On error,	1 is returned.

       amanda(8), amanda.conf(5), amserverconfig(8), ssh-keygen(1), ssh-
       add(1), scp(1)

       The Amanda Wiki:	:

       Kevin Till <>
	   Zmanda, Inc.	(

Amanda 3.3.9			  02/09/2016			AMADDCLIENT(8)


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