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Alfio(8)		    System Manager's Manual		      Alfio(8)

       Alfio  -	 an rc service for managing services at	boot time through pro-

       Alfio is	an rc service for  managing  services  at  boot	 time.	It  is
       specifically  designed for FreeBSD, but it might	work on	any other sys-
       tem using rc.

       To check	that Alfio works properly, run service -e and check that Alfio
       is  the	first service to run, or at least that it is the first service
       to run after the	filesystem where Alfio is installed is mounted.	If  it
       is  not,	 manually modify the BEFORE: line of the script	to fix it (un-
       less your system	really needs to	run some service before	Alfio).

       Then you	need to	configure Alfio	properly. This is done by putting into
       your  /etc/rc.conf  file	 all  the configurations that is common	to all
       profiles	you want to set.

       Warning:	you must not use the /etc/rc.d	directory  to  configure  your
       services:  Alfio	will replace this directory by a soft link to your Al-
       fio profile. If you want	to use rc.d for	some configuration  common  to
       all Alfio profiles, then	you will need to repeat	it for each Alfio pro-
       file as described  later.  However,  the	 lines	needed	to  mount  the
       filesystem  where  Alfio	 is  installed	must  still  be	 present  into

       Create the directory /usr/local/etc/alfio and create  a	directory  for
       each  Alfio  profile you	need, named as you would like to see it	listed
       in the Alfio menu when system starts. Put in there all  the  files  you
       need  as	you would do with the /etc/rc.conf.d directory,	excluding what
       you already put in /etc/rc.conf.

       Finally,	configure the Alfio service itself: put	in  your  /etc/rc.conf
       the following lines:

	      alfio_profiles=<list  of	profiles  you want to enable, named as
	      their corresponding directory in	/usr/local/etc/alfio,  in  the
	      same order you want them to be listed at boot time>

       If  alfio_profiles  is not defined it will assume a default profile ex-
       ists and	will search for	it in /usr/local/etc/alfio. If	the  directory
       does not	exist, Alfio will report an error and will try last used Alfio
       profile (i.e. it	will not touch /etc/rc.conf.d).
       You can optionally define the following variable:

	      alfio_timeout=<time to wait before activating profile  number  1
	      by default, in the same syntax used by timeout>

       If not defined alfio_timeout defaults to	5 seconds.

	      Alfio's  website.	There you can download the sources, send bugs,
	      request new features, contact the	author.

       Copyright (c) 2019-2020 Lorenzo Salvadore <>
       All rights reserved.
       Redistribution and use in source	and binary forms are  permitted	 under
       the terms of the	BSD-2 clauses license.

       The author of this sofware is Lorenzo Salvadore.	You can	contact	him at

       Thank you for using Alfio.

0.3			       January 19, 2020			      Alfio(8)


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