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al_grab_font_from_bitmap(3)			   al_grab_font_from_bitmap(3)

       al_grab_font_from_bitmap	- Allegro 5 API

	      #include <allegro5/allegro_font.h>

	      ALLEGRO_FONT *al_grab_font_from_bitmap(ALLEGRO_BITMAP *bmp,
		 int ranges_n, const int ranges[])

       Creates	a  new font from an Allegro bitmap.  You can delete the	bitmap
       after the function returns as the font will contain a copy for itself.


       o bmp: The bitmap with the glyphs drawn onto it

       o n: Number of unicode ranges in	the bitmap.

       o ranges: `n' pairs of first and	last unicode point to  map  glyphs  to
	 for each range.

       The  bitmap format is as	in the following example, which	contains three
       glyphs for 1, 2 and 3.

	      .	1 .222.333.
	      .	1 .  2.	 3.
	      .	1 .222.333.
	      .	1 .2  .	 3.
	      .	1 .222.333.

       In the above illustration, the dot is for pixels	having the  background
       color.  It is determined	by the color of	the top	left pixel in the bit-
       map.  There should be a border of at least 1 pixel with this  color  to
       the bitmap edge and between all glyphs.

       Each  glyph  is	inside	a rectangle of pixels not containing the back-
       ground color.  The height of all	glyph rectangles should	be  the	 same,
       but the width can vary.

       The placement of	the rectangles does not	matter,	except that glyphs are
       scanned from left to right and top to bottom to match them to the spec-
       ified unicode codepoints.

       The glyphs will simply be drawn using al_draw_bitmap(3),	so usually you
       will want the rectangles	filled with full transparency and  the	glyphs
       drawn in	opaque white.


	      int ranges[] = {32, 126};
	      al_grab_font_from_bitmap(bitmap, 1, ranges)

	      int ranges[] = {
		  0x0020, 0x007F,  /* ASCII */
		  0x00A1, 0x00FF,  /* Latin 1 */
		  0x0100, 0x017F,  /* Extended-A */
		  0x20AC, 0x20AC}; /* Euro */
	      al_grab_font_from_bitmap(bitmap, 4, ranges)

       The  first example will grab glyphs for the 95 standard printable ASCII
       characters, beginning with the space character (32) and ending with the
       tilde character (126).  The second example will map the first 96	glyphs
       found in	the bitmap to ASCII range, the next 95 glyphs to Latin 1,  the
       next  128  glyphs to Extended-A,	and the	last glyph to the Euro charac-
       ter.  (This is just the characters found	in the Allegro 4 font.)

       al_load_bitmap(3), al_grab_font_from_bitmap(3)

Allegro	reference manual			   al_grab_font_from_bitmap(3)


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