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al_get_opengl_extension_list(3)		       al_get_opengl_extension_list(3)

       al_get_opengl_extension_list - Allegro 5	API

	      #include <allegro5/allegro_opengl.h>

	      ALLEGRO_OGL_EXT_LIST *al_get_opengl_extension_list(void)

       Returns	the  list  of  OpenGL extensions supported by Allegro, for the
       given display.

       Allegro will keep information about all extensions it knows about in  a
       structure returned by al_get_opengl_extension_list.

       For example:

	      if (al_get_opengl_extension_list()->ALLEGRO_GL_ARB_multitexture) {
		  use it

       The  extension  will  be	set to true if available for the given display
       and false otherwise.  This means	to use the definitions	and  functions
       from  an	 OpenGL	 extension,  all  you need to do is to check for it as
       above at	run time, after	acquiring the OpenGL display from Allegro.

       Under Windows, this will	also work with WGL extensions, and under  Unix
       with GLX	extensions.

       In  case	 you  want  to manually	check for extensions and load function
       pointers	yourself (say, in case the Allegro developers did not  include
       it    yet),   you   can	 use   the   al_have_opengl_extension(3)   and
       al_get_opengl_proc_address(3) functions instead.

Allegro	reference manual		       al_get_opengl_extension_list(3)


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