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al_create_native_file_dialog(3)		       al_create_native_file_dialog(3)

       al_create_native_file_dialog - Allegro 5	API

	      #include <allegro5/allegro_native_dialog.h>

	      ALLEGRO_FILECHOOSER *al_create_native_file_dialog(
		 char const *initial_path,
		 char const *title,
		 char const *patterns,
		 int mode)

       Creates a new native file dialog.  You should only have one such	dialog
       opened at a time.


       o initial_path: The initial search path and filename.  Can be NULL.  To
	 start	with  a	blank file name	the string should end with a directory
	 separator (this should	be the common case).

       o title:	Title of the dialog.

       o patterns: A list of semi-colon	 separated  patterns  to  match.   You
	 should	 always	include	the pattern "*.*" as usually the MIME type and
	 not the file pattern is relevant.  If no file patterns	are  supported
	 by the	native dialog, this parameter is ignored.

       o mode: 0, or a combination of the flags	below.

       Possible	flags for the `flags' parameter	are:

	      If  supported  by	 the native dialog, it will not	allow entering
	      new names, but just allow	existing files to be  selected.	  Else
	      it  is  ignored.	 ALLEGRO_FILECHOOSER_SAVE If the native	dialog
	      system has a different dialog for	saving (for example one	 which
	      allows  creating	new  directories),  it is used.	 Else ignored.
	      ALLEGRO_FILECHOOSER_FOLDER If there is support  for  a  separate
	      dialog  to  select  a folder instead of a	file, it will be used.
	      ALLEGRO_FILECHOOSER_PICTURES If a	different dialog is  available
	      for  selecting  pictures,	 it  is	 used.	 Else  ignored.	 ALLE-
	      GRO_FILECHOOSER_SHOW_HIDDEN If the platform  supports  it,  also
	      hidden  files  will  be  shown.  ALLEGRO_FILECHOOSER_MULTIPLE If
	      supported, allow selecting multiple files.


       A handle	to the dialog which you	can pass  to  al_show_native_file_dia-
       log(3)  to  display  it,	and from which you then	can query the results.
       When you	are done, call al_destroy_native_file_dialog(3)	on it.

       If a dialog window could	not be	created	 then  this  function  returns

Allegro	reference manual		       al_create_native_file_dialog(3)


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