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AH-TTY(1)		    General Commands Manual		     AH-TTY(1)

       ah-tty -	A Helpful Terminal


       ah-tty provides context-sensitive help at a UNIX	shell prompt.

       ah-tty  executes	 an  inferior  shell,  and watches the output from the
       shell and the input to it from the user carefully, to determine what is
       a prompt, and what is actually a	command	typed by the user.

       Once  it	has determined what the	user's command is, it compares it to a
       list of rules to	determine what helpful hint to display,	if any.

       This isn't making sense,	is it? Okay, try this:

       Start ah-tty, then at the shell prompt type "ls ", do not press return.
       Wait  a	moment,	 and watch the bottom of the screen.  Now does it make
       sense? Okay then.

       DO NOT set your default shell to	ah-tty.	 This is not a	shell  in  its
       own  right, just	a kind of front-end shell watching thingy. If you want
       this to be your default	shell,	invoke	it  manually  from  the	 shell
       prompt, or in your .login or .profile scripts.

       Rules consist of	regular	expressions, combined with appropriate delays,
       as well as a maximum number of times the	hint should  be	 displayed  in
       one  session.  However,	any particular hint is only displayed once per

       For details of how to create and	modify rules files, see	RULES  in  the
       program distribution. If	you can	create rules files yourself, you don't
       need to use ah-tty :-)

		     Default system rules file.

		     Users' own	rules files.

	      PSHELL Determines	the shell executed by ah-tty

	      SHELL  Used if PSHELL is not set.

       Does not	handle terminal	escape sequences, although  any	 shell	output
       using  only normal printable ASCII, backspaces and BELL characters will
       be fine.	Once it	does, we  can  assume  that  it	 will  understand  the
       shell's	line-editing  capabilities.  Right  now	it will	still work, it
       just may	not match correctly.

       Randall Maas    <>

       Fraser McCrossan	<>

			 $Date:	2000/07/20 00:25:13 $		     AH-TTY(1)


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