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aftp(1)			    General Commands Manual		       aftp(1)

       aftp - Transfer files to/from Apple II disk images.

       aftp   [-poirh]	disk image ...

       aftp(1) manipulates and browses Apple II	disk images.  It supports both
       Apple ][	DOS 3.3, ProDOS	and XGS	images.	  Both	binary	floppy	images
       (.IIE) and hard disk volume (.HDV) images are also supported.

       -p     use a Prodos filesystem.

       -o     use a Prodos ordered image.

       -i     use an XGS image file.

       -r     load images as read-only.

       -h     display aftp help.

       When  invoked with a single disk	image filename as the first parameter,
       aftp operates in	interactive mode and all of the	 interactive  commands
       are available. Specifing	multiple disk images will display the root di-
       rectory of each image and then terminate	without	 entering  interactive

       If  you	have  ever  used the unix ftp(1) command, the aftp(1) commands
       will be very familiar.  Interactive commands are:

       dir    display disk image directory.

       ls     alias for	the dir	command.

       get [file]
	      get a file from the disk image.

       put [file]
	      put a file in the	disk image.

       del [file]
	      delete a file from the disk image.

       cd [dir]
	      change the current disk image directory.

       text   set text mode.

       binary set binary mode.

       help   display help.

       dump   display a	hex dump of the	disk image.

	      shell escape.

       quit   exit the program.

       When putting files in disk images,  the	following  default  attributes
       will  be	 used  depending  on whether you are transferring in binary or
       text mode:

       DOS, Text	   File	type: T
       DOS, Binary	   File	type: B
       ProDOS, Text	   File	type: TXT, SubType: R=0
       ProDOS, Binary	   File	type: BIN, SubType: A$=2000

       File extentions are not properly	recognised. To	correct	 this  problem
       use a command line option to specify the	type of	disk image you are ac-

       There is	bound to be other bugs so be sure to backup your  disk	images
       just in case.

       Bug reports can be sent to Andru	Luvisi <>.

       Written by Galen	C. Hunt	<>
       Ported to UNIX by Andru Luvisi <>
       Man page	by Joel	Sutton <>

       This man	page is	based on the original README included with aftp.

       Released	 into  the  public domain with no warranties - 13 Jun 1994 Re-
       lease 1.0

Version	1.0p1		      21st January, 1997		       aftp(1)


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