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AFS_COMPILE_ET(1)	     AFS Command Reference	     AFS_COMPILE_ET(1)

       afs_compile_et -	Produce	error text tables for compilation

       afs_compile_et [-debug] [-language <lang>]
	   [-prefix <prefix>] [-v <version>]
	   [-h <include>] <[-emit <output>]

       The afs_compile_et command builds the error text	tables for
       compilation.  This includes both	a header file that contains a set of
       mappings	between	error names and	values and a .c	(or .msf) file that
       provides	a text table of	descriptions.

       The <error_table> argument specifies which error	table to generate.
       The error table specification should exist in the current working
       directory or in the directory specified with -prefix and	should be

       By default, afs_compile_et generates two	files in one invocation. This
       is problematic for parallel build systems. The -emit option may be used
       to generate the output files independently with two separate
       invocations of afs_compile_et for a given error table. This allows
       parallel	build systems to generate the source and header	files, and the
       targets which depend on the generated source and	headers	files, in

       This command is used internally within the build	process	for OpenAFS.
       Most users will access this information via translate_et(1) rather than
       via afs_compile_et.

       This command does not use the standard AFS command-line parsing

	   Does	nothing.  It neither adds debugging information	to the output
	   nor provides	additional information on its operation.

       -language <lang>
	   Specifies the type of output	to generate.  Currently, only ANSI C
	   and K&R are supported values	(via the c and k&r-c values,
	   respectively).  The default is ANSI C.  There is some support for
	   C++ started,	but that is not	yet supported.

	   The -lang <lang> option is a	synonym	for -language <lang>>.

       -prefix <prefix>
	   Specifies the directory to search for the file.
	   Specifies the directory to search for the prolog file when the -h
	   option is given.  The -p <prefix> option is a synonym for -prefix

       -h <include>
	   Specifies an	input file, called a prolog file, and modifies the
	   name	of the header file generated by	afs_compile_et.

	   When	the -h option is given,	afs_compile_et will search for a
	   prolog file named <include>.p.h.  afs_compile_et will search	the
	   current working directory for the prolog file, unless the -p	option
	   is given.  If the prolog file is found, afs_compile_et will place a
	   verbatim copy of the	prolog file contents into the generated	header

	   When	the -h option is given,	the name of the	header file generated
	   by afs_compile_et is	<include>.h, instead of	<error_table>.h.

	   The -h option does not affect the source file generated by

       -v <version>
	   Specified the type of output	file: valid values are 1 (the default,
	   for C files)	or 2, for .msf file generation.

       -emit <output>
	   Specifies which program file	to generate; the header	file or	the
	   source file.	 Specify -emit header (or -emit	h) to generate the .h
	   header file.	 Specify -emit source (or -emit	c) to generate the .c
	   (or .msf) source file.

       The following command generates the files pterror.h and pterror.c,
       suitable	for use	with C programs:

	  % afs_compile_et -p path/to/src/ptserver pterror

       The following command generates K&R style files instead:

	  % afs_compile_et -p path/to/src/ptserver -lang 'k&r-c' pterror

       The following command generates the pterror.h file, but not the
       pterror.c file.

	  % afs_compile_et -p path/to/src/ptserver -emit header	pterror

       The following command generates the pterror.c file, but not the
       pterror.h file.

	  % afs_compile_et -p path/to/src/ptserver -emit source	pterror


       Copyright 2009 Steven Jenkins <>

       This documentation is covered by	the IBM	Public License Version 1.0.
       This man	page was written by Steven Jenkins for OpenAFS.

OpenAFS				  2016-12-14		     AFS_COMPILE_ET(1)


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