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afpcmd(1)			   afpfs-ng			     afpcmd(1)

       afpcmd -	Transfer files over the	networking using the Apple Filing Pro-
       tocol (AFP)

       afpcmd [-r [afp url]

       afpcmd is a command-line	tool to	help transfer  files  to  and  from  a
       server  using  AFP.  This is typically either Netatalk or Mac OS	or Mac
       OS X.

       This can	be done	as a non-root user. It offers  either  an  interactive
       command-line (like a traditional	FTP client) or for batch retrievals.

       Do  not	confuse	 this with the FUSE mounting tools (mount_afp, afpfsd,
       afp_client), which offer	the ability to mount an	entire filesystem.

       -r sets the recursive flag.

       afp url uses the	standard AFP URL format.

AFP version support
       Look at the afpfs-ng documentation for more information on specific AFP
       version compatibility information.

Batch mode
       Batch file transfers can	be done	in one of two ways:

       afpcmd -r [afp url to directory]

       This does a recursive transfer of all subdirectories and	files locally.

       afpcmd [afp url to file]

       This transfers just the file locally.

       After either of these is	finished, the command exits.

Interactive mode
       If  a  URL  is provided on the command line, afpcmd connects and	enters
       the volume and directory	specified.

       Standard	readline keystrokes are	enabled.  Command line competion  (us-
       ing  tab)  and  history	(using	up and down arrows) is provided. Local
       filename	completion is enabled.

       Most common commands

       connect <afp URL>: Connect to server, change to volume and directory

       cd: Change directories on the server

       get <filename>: retrieve	file

       get -r <directory>: Recursively retrieve	the directory

       put <filename>: Upload file

       quit: Quit

       Conect/disconnect commands

       disconnect: Disconnect from current server

       passwd: Prompts for a new password without showing on screen

       user <user>: Set	the user

       passwd: change the password on the server. Does not work.

       Remote directory	commands

       pwd: Show current directory on server

       mkdir <directory>: create new directory

       rmdir <directory: remove	directory

       ls or dir: show files in	current	directory

       Remote file commands

       mv or rename old_file new_file: Rename <old file> to <new file>

       touch <filename>: Create	a blank	file

       view <filename>:	Show file

       chmod: <file> <mode>: Change the	mode of	a file on the server

       delete of rm: <file>: Remove file from the server

       Status commands

       status: Show status of the connection and details.  For debugging.

       df: Show	the disk size and available blocks.

       Local commands

       lpwd: Show current local

       lcd: Change local directory

       Other commands

       help or ?: show help

       testafp:	various	tests for developers

       A typical usage of afpcmd is:

       afpcmd afp://username:password@servername/volume

       The complete syntax of a	URL is:


       If a password of	"-" is provided, the user is prompted for a password.

       Report bugs to the	mailing	list.


0.5				  13 Nov 2007			     afpcmd(1)

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