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aegis.cgi(1)							  aegis.cgi(1)

	aegis.cgi - Aegis web interface	script


	The aegis.cgi command is used to interface between a web server	and

	This scripts is	DEPRECATED since a long	time and has been removed from
	the aegis distribution as of aegis-4.24.1.  The	preferred way to pub-
	lish an	aegis aegis repository on the Web is using aeget(1).

	If you have a Web server, you may like to install the Aegis web	inter-
	face.  You do this by copying the aegis.cgi script from	/usr/lo-
	cal/bin/aegis.cgi into your web	server's cgi-bin directory.  There is
	an aegis.cgi.i helper script, if you don't know	where your web
	server's cgi-bin directory is.

	You may	prefer to use a	symbolic link, as this will be more stable
	across Aegis upgrades.	However, this requires a corresponding follow-
	symlinks setting in your web server's configuration file.  (Use	the
	aegis.cgi.i -s option.)

	Within the aegis.cgi script, you may set the AEGIS_PATH	environment
	variable, if you want it to be able to see more	projects than just the
	global projects.  You do this by creating a /usr/local/lib/-
	aegis.cgi.conf file (there isn't one, by default) and setting the
	AEGIS_PATH environment variable	in it.	This is	a fragment of Bourne
	shell script, not just the name.

	Once installed,	it should be possible to see the project list by fol-
	lowing this URL:
	You may	need to	replace	localhost with the machine's exact name.

   Cascading Style Sheets
	The web	interface uses Cascading Style Sheets.	You can	give the web
	interface a personalised look and feel,	by creating stylesheets	in the
	web server's Document Root directory.  The interface will use it's de-
	fault styles, then styles from a global	style sheet called aede-
	fault.css, and then styles from	a project stylesheet called project-
	name.css (replace projectname with the name of the project).

	There is an example style sheet	in /usr/local/bin/aedefault.css	which
	demonstrates the style elements	used.  This particular stylesheet is
	not designed to	be aesthetically pleasing, but to exercise all of the
	elements.  Using this stylesheet unmodified will give psychedelic re-
	sults.	Use it as a template.

	aegis version 4.25.D510
	Copyright (C) 1991, 1992, 1993,	1994, 1995, 1996, 1997,	1998, 1999,
	2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,	2004, 2005, 2006, 2007,	2008, 2009, 2010,
	2011, 2012 Peter Miller

	The aegis program comes	with ABSOLUTELY	NO WARRANTY; for details use
	the 'aegis -VERSion License' command.  This is free software and you
	are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; for details
	use the	'aegis -VERSion	License' command.

	Peter Miller   E-Mail:
	/\/\*		  WWW:

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