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AdvanceCOMP ZIP	Compression General(CommAdvanceCOMP ZIP	Compression Utility(1)

       advzip -	AdvanceCOMP ZIP	Compression Utility

       advzip [-a, --add] [-x, --extract] [-l, --list]
	    [-z, --recompress] [-t, --test] [-0, --shrink-store]
	    [-1, --shrink-fast]	[-2, --shrink-normal] [-3, --shrink-extra]
	    [-4, --shrink-insane] [-i, --iter N]
	    [-k, --keep-file-time] [-p,	--pedantic] [-q, --quiet]
	    [-h, --help] [-V, --version] ARCHIVES... [FILES...]
       The  main purpose of this utility is to recompress and test the zip ar-
       chives to get the smallest possible size.

       For recompression the libdeflate	implementation is used.	  This	imple-
       mentation  generally gives 5-10%	more compression than the zLib Deflate
       implementation, and it's	also generally faster.

       For experimental	purpose	also the 7-Zip	LZMA  algorithm	 is  available
       with the	-N option. In this case, the generated zips WILL NOT BE	USABLE
       by any other program. To	make them usable you need to  recompress  them
       without	the -N option. Generally this algorithm	gives 10-20% more com-
       pression	than the zLib Deflate implementation.

       -a, --add ARCHIVE FILES...
	      Create the specified archive with	the specified files. You  must
	      specify only one archive.

       -x, --extract ARCHIVE
	      Extract all the files on the specified archive. You must specify
	      only one archive.

       -l, --list ARCHIVES...
	      List the content of the specified	archives.

       -z, --recompress	ARCHIVES...
	      Recompress the specified archives. If the	-1, -2,	-3, -4 options
	      are specified, it's used the smallest file choice	from: the pre-
	      vious compressed data, the new compression and the  uncompressed
	      format.  If  the	-0  option  is specified the archive is	always
	      rewritten	without	any compression.

       -t, --test ARCHIVES...
	      Test the specified archives. The tests may be extended with  the
	      -p option.

       -k, --keep-file-time
	      When recompressing with -z keep the .zip file time.

       -p, --pedantic
	      Be  pedantic on the zip tests. If	this flag is enabled some more
	      extensive	tests on the zip integrity are done. These  tests  are
	      generally	not done by other zip utilities.

       -0, --shrink-store
	      Disable  the  compression.  The file is only stored and not com-
	      pressed. This option is very useful to expand  the  archives  of
	      .png  and	.mp3 files. These files	are already compressed,	trying
	      to compress them another time is really a	waste of time and  re-

       -1, --shrink-fast
	      Set the compression level	to "fast" using	the zlib compressor.

       -2, --shrink-normal
	      Set  the compression level to "normal" using the libdeflate com-
	      pressor.	This is	the default level of compression.

       -3, --shrink-extra
	      Set the compression level	to "extra" using  the  7z  compressor.
	      You can define the compressor iterations with the	-i, --iter op-

       -4, --shrink-insane
	      Set the compression level	to "insane" using the zopfli  compres-
	      sor.   You  can  define  the  compressor iterations with the -i,
	      --iter option.

       -i, --iter N
	      Define an	additional numer of iterations for the 7z  and	zopfli
	      compressors for modes -3 and -4.	More iterations	usually	give a
	      better compression, but may require a lot	more  time.   Try  for
	      example with 10, 15, 20, and so on.

       This file is Copyright (C) 2002 Andrea Mazzoleni, Filipe	Estima

       advpng(1), advmng(1), advdef(1)

					AdvanceCOMP ZIP	Compression Utility(1)


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