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AdvanceCOMP PNG	Compression General(CommAdvanceCOMP PNG	Compression Utility(1)

       advpng -	AdvanceCOMP PNG	Compression Utility

       advpng [-l, --list] [-z,	--recompress] [-0, --shrink-0]
	    [-1, --shrink-fast]	[-2, --shrink-normal [-3, --shrink-extra]
	    [-4, --shrink-insane] [-i, --iter N]
	    [-f, --force] [-q, --quiet]
	    [-h, --help] [-V, --version] FILES...
       The  main purpose of this utility is to recompress png files to get the
       smallest	possible size.

       Please note that	this utility is	not able to read a generic file.  It's
       granted	to be able to read only	the files generated by the AdvanceMAME

       To compress the files this utility uses the following strategies:
       o      Remove all ancillary chunks.
       o      Concatenate all the IDAT chunks.
       o      Use the 7zip Deflate implementation.

       -l, --list FILES...
	      List the content of the specified	files.

       -z, --recompress	FILES...
	      Recompress the specified files. If the -1, -2,  -3  options  are
	      specified	 it's  used the	smallest file choice from the previous
	      compressed data and the new compression. If  the	-0  option  is
	      specified	the file is always rewritten without any compression.

       -0, --shrink-store
	      Disable  the  compression.  The file is only stored and not com-
	      pressed. The file	is always rewritten also if it's bigger.

       -1, --shrink-fast
	      Set the compression level	to "fast" using	the zlib compressor.

       -2, --shrink-normal
	      Set the compression level	to "normal" using the libdeflate  com-
	      pressor.	This is	the default level of compression.

       -3, --shrink-extra
	      Set  the	compression  level to "extra" using the	7z compressor.
	      You can define the compressor iterations with the	-i, --iter op-

       -4, --shrink-insane
	      Set  the compression level to "insane" using the zopfli compres-
	      sor.  You	can define the	compressor  iterations	with  the  -i,
	      --iter option.

       -i, --iter N
	      Define  an  additional numer of iterations for the 7z and	zopfli
	      compressors for modes -3 and -4.	More iterations	usually	give a
	      better  compression,  but	 may require a lot more	time.  Try for
	      example with 10, 15, 20, and so on.

       -f, --force
	      Force the	use of the new file also if it's bigger.

       This file is Copyright (C) 2002 Andrea Mazzoleni, Filipe	Estima

       advzip(1), advmng(1), advdef(1)

					AdvanceCOMP PNG	Compression Utility(1)


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