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ADTOOL(1)		    General Commands Manual		     ADTOOL(1)

       adtool -	Active Directory administration	tool

       adtool  [-h]  [-v] [-H uri] [-D binddn] [-w bindpasswd] [-b searchbase]
       operation [arguments...]

       adtool is a unix	command	line utility for Active	Directory  administra-
       tion.   Features	 include  user and group creation, deletion, modifica-
       tion, password setting and directory query and search capabilities.

       -h     Output usage information.

       -v     Output version information.

       -H uri The uri of the  Active  Directory	 server	 to  connect  to,  eg.

       -D binddn
	      The distinguished	name of	the user to bind to the	server as, eg.

       -w password
	      The password to authenticate with.

       -b searchbase
	      The distinguished	name of	the base for any operations  that  in-
	      volve searching the directory, eg. ou=users,dc=example,dc=com.

       usercreate <username> <container>
	      create a new user

       userdelete <username>
	      delete a user

       userlock	<username>
	      disable a	user account

       userunlock <username>
	      enable a user account

       setpass <user> [password]
	      set  user's  password.  The password can be entered either as an
	      argument or interactively, in which case it is not  echoed  back
	      to the screen.

       usermove	<user> <new container>
	      move user	to another container

       userrename <old username> <new username>
	      rename user

       computercreate <name> <container>
	      create a new computer account

       groupcreate <group name>	<container>
	      create a new group

       groupdelete <group name>
	      delete a group

       groupadduser <group> <user>
	      add a user to a group

       groupremoveuser <group> <user>
	      remove a user from a group

       groupsubtreeremove <container> <user>
	      remove a user from all groups below a given ou

       oucreate	<organizational	unit name> <container>
	      create a new organizational unit

       oudelete	<organizational	unit name>
	      delete an	organizational unit

       attributeget <object> <attribute>
	      display attribute	values

       attributeadd <object> <attribute> <value>
	      add an attribute

       attributeaddbinary <object> <attribute> <filename>
	      add an attribute from a file

       attributereplace	<object> <attribute> <value>
	      replace an attribute

       attributedelete <object>	<attribute> [value]
	      delete an	attribute or attribute instance

       search <attribute> <value>
	      simple ldap search

       The  command  line  options can instead be specified in a configuration
       file.  An example is installed to (install prefix)/etc/adtool.cfg.dist.
       Rename this to adtool.cfg and edit as appropriate.

       uri    server to	connect	to

       binddn distinguished name of the	user to	bind to	the server as.

       bindpw password to bind to the server with.

	      base for search operations.

       Mike Dawson <>

adtool 1.2			 October 2002			     ADTOOL(1)


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