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adie(1)			    Adie Text Editor Manual		       adie(1)

       Adie - The ADvanced Interactive Editor

       adie [options] [	files...  ]

       Adie  is	an extremely fast and convenient programming text editor using
       the FOX Toolkit.	 The text being	edited can be colorized	 by  user-con-
       figurable  colors  and  user-configurable  syntax rules.	 However, many
       programming languages are already supported with	supplied syntax	color-
       ing rules in the	"Adie.stx" rules-file.	At this	time, syntax rules are
       available for C,	C++, C#, Pascal, Python,  Fortran,  Ada,  Ruby,	 Perl,
       Lua,  Java,  JavaScript,	 Go,  Assembler, Shell,	Matlab,	and many more.
       The rule-set used for colorizing	is determined  either  by  file-exten-
       sions or	by file	contents, but may be forced explicitly if needed.

       For  each visited file, Adie remembers the location in that file, book-
       marks, and whether custom syntax	rule-set was used so  that  next  time
       the  file  is visited, the user will be positioned at the same place in
       the file, and the text will be colorized	like last time.

       -?, -h, or --help
	      Print summary usage information of all the supported options.

       -v --view
	      Open the file for	viewing	only.  Editor  commands	 which	change
	      the text are not allowed.

       -e --edit
	      Open the file for	editing.

       -V --version
	      Display version and license information.

       -l _number_ --line _number_
	      Jump to given line number	after opening file for editing.

       -c _number_ --col _number_
	      Jump  to given column number after opening file for editing; of-
	      ten used in addition to the previous parameter to	jump to	a par-
	      ticular place in the text.

       -S _syntax_ --syntax _syntax_
	      Load  the	 syntax	 rules	from the given syntax file rather than
	      searching	for the	syntax file in the usual places	(a file	called
	      "Adie.stx"  in  one of the $PATH directories, or the syntax file
	      listed in	the configuration settings).

       -L _language_ --lang _language_
	      After loading the	file, switch to	the given programming language
	      for  syntax  coloring.   The  normal  rules  for determining the
	      file's syntax (file extension of content maching)	are ignored.

       General Features

       Preferences are configurable with convenient dialogs.

       - Programmable syntax coloring and text styles.
       - Active	or current text	line highlighting.
       - Optional line number display.
       - Preferences are configurable with convenient dialogs.
       - Text size only	limited	by available memory.
       - Persistent bookmarks may be set for each file.
       - Persistent scroll position is remembered for each visited file.
       - Wheel mouse scroll support.
       - Online	help built in.

       File Access Features.

       - File Dialog supporting	bookmarked directories.
       - Dropping a file into Adie opens the file.
       - Single-click access to	file using File/Directory browser.
       - Visit recently	edited files.
       - Jump to file and line number of highlighted compiler warnings or  er-
       - Customizable list of file patterns; show only source files, for exam-
       - Open a	file by	highlighting a #include	directive.
       - Customizable list of directories to search for	header files.
       - Detect	if file	changed	outside	of editor to prevent accidental	 over-

       Editing Features.

       - Unlimited undo/redo capability.
       - Cut and paste to clipboard support.
       - X11 primary selection support using middle-mouse paste.
       - Drag-and-drop support for text	move or	copy.
       - Brace matching, statement block, and expression block selection.
       - Up to 10 persistent bookmarks may be set in each file.
       - Search	and replace history is stored persistently.
       - Auto-indent feature.
       - Strip trailing	spaces,	strip carriage-returns for DOS files.
       - Indent	or unindent selected text; clean indentation.
       - Search	for highlighted	text.
       -  Goto line number, goto highlighted line number, goto matching	brace,
       goto begin/end of block.
       - Fixed word wrap column, or continuous word wrap mode.
       - Mouse wheel or	right-mouse scroll support.
       - Customizable word-delimiters to select	words by double-clicks.
       - Insert	files or extract highlighted text to file.

       Syntax Coloring Features.

       - Syntax	coloring is programmable, using	PERL-like regular expressions.
       - Syntax	patterns are keyed to file  extension,	file  contents,	 mode-
       lines, or explicitly set	by user.
       -  Text	styles	including foreground, background, selection colors, as
       well as underlining and strike-throughs.
       - Syntax	expressions, text styles, and language modes  can  be  set  up
       from convenient dialogs.
       - Color fallback	mechanism to minimize style setup hassles.

       This  manpage  was originally written by	Bastian	Kleineidam <calvin@de-> for the Debian	distribution of	the FOX	Toolkit, and  is  cur-
       rently maintained by Jeroen van der Zijp	(

       Copyright (C) 1997,2018 Jeroen van der Zijp.
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO warranty; not	even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR	 A  PARTICULAR

       The  Adie text editor is	a part of the FOX GUI Toolkit.	Further	infor-
       mation can be found at:

       The FOX Toolkit website includes	detailed information  about  the  Adie

Adie Editor			 January 2018			       adie(1)


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