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       acttimes	- Maintain the newsgroup-creation-date file

       acttimes	[ -d ]
       acttimes	-k

       Acttimes	 is  a	program	that maintains the active.times	file for those
       systems whose news software doesn't maintain it	for  them.   A	system
       that  is	 running  C  news  or INN should already have a	valid /usr/lo-
       cal/news/lib/active.times file and therefore doesn't need  acttimes  to
       maintain	it.

       When executed, acttimes will create or maintain active.times by reading
       the active file,	/usr/local/news/lib/active, and	adding any  groups  it
       finds  that aren't already in the file.	It uses	the current time and a
       fake user-id to create the entry	since it doesn't have  access  to  the
       article that created the	group.

       The active.times	file is	a list of each new newsgroup that gets created
       on your system, the date	it was created,	and who	asked  for  it	to  be
       created.	  This	file  enables NNTP to respond to the NEWGROUPS command
       with a list of groups that are newer than a certain date.  Without  the
       file,  the  NEWGROUPS  command cannot function.	The format is: ``news-
       group date user-id'' where ``newsgroup''	is the name of	the  group  in
       question,  ``date''  is the newsgroup's creation	time, in seconds since
       midnight, Jan. 1, 1970, GMT, and	``user-id'' is the name	 of  the  user
       who created the group, or ``acttimes@local'', if	not known.

       Acttimes	can be run either as a daemon process, or from cron.

       To  run it as a daemon, specify the -d option and give it the number of
       minutes it should wait to wake up (the default is a quick 10  minutes).
       For  example,  ``acttimes -d120'' would start acttimes and have it wake
       up every	2 hours.  To kill the  daemon,	use  the  command,  ``acttimes

       To run acttimes from cron, don't	specify	any options.  A	minimum	update
       period is probably once or twice	a day, but running it more often  will
       make the	new groups available in	a more timely manner.


       Wayne Davison

       cron(1),	nntpd(8C)

4th Berkeley Distribution      16 November 1994			  ACTTIMES(8C)


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