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acct_gather.conf(5)	   Slurm Configuration File	   acct_gather.conf(5)

       acct_gather.conf	- Slurm	configuration file for the acct_gather plugins

       acct_gather.conf	 is  an	 ASCII	file  which defines parameters used by
       Slurm's acct_gather related plugins.  The file location can be modified
       at  system build	time using the DEFAULT_SLURM_CONF parameter or at exe-
       cution time by setting the SLURM_CONF environment  variable.  The  file
       will always be located in the same directory as the slurm.conf file.

       Parameter  names	are case insensitive.  Any text	following a "#"	in the
       configuration file is treated as	a comment  through  the	 end  of  that
       line.  The size of each line in the file	is limited to 1024 characters.
       Changes to the configuration file take effect  upon  restart  of	 Slurm
       daemons,	 daemon	receipt	of the SIGHUP signal, or execution of the com-
       mand "scontrol reconfigure" unless otherwise noted.

       The following acct_gather.conf parameters are defined  to  control  the
       general behavior	of various plugins in Slurm.

       The  acct_gather.conf  file  is different than other Slurm .conf	files.
       Each plugin defines which options are available.	 So if you do not load
       the  respective	plugin for an option that option will appear to	be un-
       known by	Slurm and could	cause Slurm not	to load.   If  you  decide  to
       change  plugin  types you might also have to change the related options
       as well.

	      Options used for AcctGatherEnergyType/ipmi are as	follows:

			This parameter is the number of	 seconds  between  BMC
			access samples.

			If  set	to "yes", the consumption between the last BMC
			access sample and a step consumption update is approx-
			imated to get more accurate task consumption.  The ad-
			justment is made at the	step start and each  time  the
			consumption  is	 updated,  including the step end. The
			approximations are not accumulated, only the first and
			last  adjustments  are used to calculated the consump-
			tion. The default is "no".

			Optionally specify the ids of  the  sensors  to	 used.
			Multiple  <key=values> can be set with ";" separators.
			The key	"Node" is mandatory and	is used	 to  know  the
			consumed  energy  for  nodes  (scontrol	show node) and
			jobs (sacct).  Other keys are optional and  are	 named
			by  administrator.   These  keys  are useful only when
			profile	is activated for energy	 to  store  power  (in
			watt)  of  each	 key.  <values>	are integers, multiple
			values can be set with "," separators.	The sum	of the
			listed	sensors	 is used for each key.	EnergyIPMIPow-
			erSensors is optional, default value is	 "Node=number"
			where "number" is the id of the	first power sensor re-
			turned by ipmi-sensors.

	      The following acct_gather.conf parameters	are defined to control
	      the IPMI config default values for libipmiconsole.

			Specify	BMC Username.

			Specify	BMC Password.

	      Options used for AcctGatherProfileType/hdf5 are as follows:

			This  parameter	 is the	path to	the shared folder into
			which the acct_gather_profile plugin  will  write  de-
			tailed	data (usually as an HDF5 file).	 The directory
			is assumed to be on a file system shared by  the  con-
			troller	 and all compute nodes.	This is	a required pa-

			A comma	delimited list of data types to	 be  collected
			for each job submission.  Allowed values are:

			All	All  data types	are collected. (Cannot be com-
				bined with other values.)

			None	No data	types are collected. This is  the  de-
				fault.	 (Cannot  be  combined with other val-

			Energy	Energy data is collected.

				File system (Lustre) data is collected.

			Network	Network	(InfiniBand) data is collected.

			Task	Task (I/O, Memory, ...)	data is	collected.

	      Options used for AcctGatherInfinbandType/ofed are	as follows:

			This parameter represents the port number of the local
			Infiniband  card  that we are willing to monitor.  The
			default	port is	1.

       # Slurm acct_gather configuration file
       # Parameters for	AcctGatherEnergy/impi plugin
       # Parameters for	AcctGatherProfileType/hdf5 plugin
       # Parameters for	AcctGatherInfiniband/ofed plugin

       Copyright (C) 2012-2013 Bull.  Produced at Bull (cf, DISCLAIMER).

       This file is part of Slurm, a resource  management  program.   For  de-
       tails, see <>.

       Slurm  is free software;	you can	redistribute it	and/or modify it under
       the terms of the	GNU General Public License as published	 by  the  Free
       Software	 Foundation;  either version 2 of the License, or (at your op-
       tion) any later version.

       Slurm is	distributed in the hope	that it	will be	 useful,  but  WITHOUT
       ANY  WARRANTY;  without even the	implied	warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
       FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR	PURPOSE.  See the GNU General  Public  License
       for more	details.


April 2015		   Slurm Configuration File	   acct_gather.conf(5)


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