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XpStartJob(3Xp)		       XPRINT FUNCTIONS		       XpStartJob(3Xp)

       XpStartJob -  Indicates the beginning of	a single print job.

	     cc	[ flag... ] file... -lXp [ library... ]
	     #include <X11/extensions/Print.h>

       void XpStartJob ( display, output_mode )
	     Display *display;
	     XPSaveData	output_mode;

	      Specifies	 a  pointer  to	 the  Display structure; returned from

	      Specifies	how the	printer	output data is to be handled.

       XpStartJob signals the beginning	of a new print job.

       If output_mode is XPSpool the X Print Server will  automatically	 spool
       the  printer  output.  If  output_mode  is  XPGetData, then the X Print
       Server buffers the document output for retrieval	by  XpGetDocumentData.
       In  this	case, the print	server suspends	processing further requests on
       this print context until	some  other  client  sends  XpGetDocumentData.
       Subsequent  operations  that  use the print context may be suspended at
       any time	pending	the processing of XpGetDocumentData  replies  to  read
       any buffered output.

       XpStartJob  sets	the job-owner job attribute (included in the XPJobAttr
       pool) immediately prior to issuing the PrintStartJob request. On	 POSIX
       systems,	 the job-owner attribute is set	using getpwuid_r on the	result
       of getuid. This attribute may be	used by	the X Print Server to identify
       the user	to the spooler.

       All  changes to the XPJobAttr attribute pool (see XpSetAttributes) must
       be made prior to	calling	XpStartJob, after which	an XPBadSequence  will
       be generated if changes are attempted, until XpEndJob is	called.

       For  clients  selecting	XPPrintMask (see XpSelectInput), the event XP-
       PrintNotify will	be generated with its detail field set to  XPStartJob-
       Notify when the X Print Server has completed the	PrintStartJob request.

       Conceptually,  a	"Job" is a collection of "Documents", where each Docu-
       ment is in turn a collection of "Pages".	Depending on the print facili-
       ties underlying the X Print Server, these delineations may be mapped by
       a DDX driver into real functionality (e.g.  see	the  server  attribute

       The  XPSaveData	values	for  output_mode  are  defined	in <X11/exten-
       sions/Print.h>.	:

	   #define XPSpool		 1   /*	Job data sent to spooler */
	   #define XPGetData		 2   /*	Job data via XpGetDocumentData */

       BadValue	      The value	specified for output_mode is not valid.

       XPBadContext   A	valid print context-id has not been set	prior to  mak-
		      ing this call.

       XPBadSequence  The function was not called in the proper	order with re-
		      spect to the other X Print Service Extension calls  (ex-
		      ample, XpEndDoc prior to XpStartDoc).

       XpEndJob(3Xp),	XpGetDocumentData(3Xp),	 XpSelectInput(3Xp),  XpSetAt-
       tributes(3Xp), XpStartJob(3Xp)

X Version 11			  libXp	1.0.3		       XpStartJob(3Xp)


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