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XmtWorkingBoxHandleEvents(3Library Functions ManuaXmtWorkingBoxHandleEvents(3)

       XmtWorkingBoxHandleEvents(),  XmtWorkingBoxSetScaleValue()  - check the
       push button and update the slider value in an XmtWorkingBox widget.

       #include	<Xmt/WorkingBox.h>

       Boolean XmtWorkingBoxHandleEvents(Widget	w)

       void XmtWorkingBoxSetScaleValue(Widget w, int value)


	    w	   An XmtWorkingBox widget.

	    value  The value to	be displayed by	the XmtWorkingBox XmScale wid-


	    XmtWorkingBoxHandleEvents()	returns	True if	the XmPushButton child
	    of the XmtWorkingBox widget	has been activated; False otherwise.

       XmtWorkingBoxHandleEvents() calls XSync() to flush the X	output	buffer
       and enqueue any events not yet delivered	from the server. It then makes
       three passes through the	Xlib event queue. On the first pass,  it  dis-
       patches	any  events that occurred over the XmtWorkingBox widget	or its
       XmScale and XmPushButton	children. On the second	pass, it  handles  any
       Expose  events  that  occurred  anywhere	 in the	application by calling
       XmUpdateDisplay(), and on the third pass, it discards any  KeyPress  or
       mouse  events  that  occurred  outside  of  the	dialog,	thus disabling
       ``type-ahead'' and ``click-ahead'' buffering of events.

       If the user has clicked on the XmPushButton child of the	XmtWorkingBox,
       or  has otherwise activated that	button (by press ing Return, for exam-
       ple), then a flag will be set by	a call back invoked during  the	 first
       pass  through  the  event  queue,  and XmtWorkingBoxHandleEvents() will
       return True. If the button has not been activated,  then	 the  function
       will return False.

       XmtWorkingBoxSetScaleValue()  sets the XmNvalue resource	of the XmScale
       child of	the XmtWorkingBox w to value. Calling this function is equiva-
       lent to,	but more efficient than	setting	the XmtNscaleValue resource of
       the XmtWorkingBox widget.  It is	safe to	call this function  even  when
       the XmtNshowScale resource of the XmtWorkingBox is False.

       Chapter 31, Busy	States and Background Work, XmtWorkingBox.

Xmt				  Motif	Tools	  XmtWorkingBoxHandleEvents(3)


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