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XmtWaitUntilMapped(3)	   Library Functions Manual	 XmtWaitUntilMapped(3)

       XmtWaitUntilMapped() - process events until a dialog becomes mapped.

       #include	<Xmt/Xmt.h>

       void XmtWaitUntilMapped(Widget w)


	    w	   Any descendant of the dialog	which is being mapped.

       XmtWaitUntilMapped()  finds the immediate shell ancestor	of w, and pro-
       cesses events in	an internal event loop until that shell	widget becomes
       visible	on  the	 screen,  or  until  the  shell's TopLevelShell	parent
       becomes non-visible (because if the main	window is iconified, the  dia-
       log will	be iconified too, and will never become	visible). It then pro-
       cesses all pending Expose events	and returns.

       Because window managers must decorate and manage	dialog boxes, there is
       an  unpredictable delay between the time	that a dialog box is popped up
       (with XtManageChild() or	XtPopup()) and the time	that the dialog	 actu-
       ally  appears  on  the screen and has its first Expose event generated.
       XmtWaitUntilMapped() guarantees	that  the  specified  dialog  box  has
       appeared	 on  the  screen  and  has been	drawn (i.e. has	had its	Expose
       events handled) before it returns.

       This function is	most useful when you plan to do	some lengthy  process-
       ing  without  servicing	events,	 and want to display a ``please	wait''
       dialog to the user. If you do not call XmtWaitUntilMapped(), the	dialog
       box  will  appear, but will appear blank	(i.e. will not have its	Expose
       events processed) until the lengthy processing is done. Note  that  the
       function	 XmtDisplayWorkingDialog() already calls XmtWaitUntilMapped(),
       so you should rarely need to call this function explicitly.

       Chapter 31, Busy	States and Background Work, XmtWorkingBox,

Xmt				  Motif	Tools		 XmtWaitUntilMapped(3)


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