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XmtRegisterChooser(3)	   Library Functions Manual	 XmtRegisterChooser(3)

       XmtRegisterChooser(),   XmtRegisterInputField(),	 XmtRegisterXmScale(),
       XmtRegisterXmScrolledText(),    XmtRegisterXmText(),	XmtRegisterXm-
       TextField(),  XmtRegisterXmToggleButton()  -  specially	register input
       widgets for use with Xmt	automatic dialog facilities.

       #include	<Xmt/Chooser.h>
       void XmtRegisterChooser(void)

       #include	<Xmt/InputField.h>
       void XmtRegisterInputField(void)

       #include	<Xmt/WidgetType.h>
       void XmtRegisterXmScale(void)

       void XmtRegisterXmScrolledText(void)

       void XmtRegisterXmText(void)

       void XmtRegisterXmTextField(void)

       void XmtRegisterXmToggleButton(void)


       These functions register	certain	Xmt and	Motif  widgets	for  use  with
       XmtCreateChildren()  and	 its  related  automatic widget	creation func-
       tions, and also for use with the	Xmt automatic dialog facilities.   See
       Chapter	11,  Automatic Widget Creation,	and Chapter 29,	Custom Dialogs
       and Automatic Dialog Management,	for more information.

       These widget classes could trivially be registered with XmtRegisterWid-
       getClass(),  for	 example,  but are singled out for custom registration
       functions because they each accept some form  of	 user  input  (a  text
       value,  a  Boolean  selection,  and  so	on). Because these widgets can
       accept user input, they are important in	dialog boxes, and these	 func-
       tions  register	the  widgets with XmtRegisterWidgetTypes() in order to
       specify ``set value'' and ``get value'' procedures that can be used  by
       the  Xmt	automatic dialog management facilities to automatically	trans-
       fer data	to and from dialog boxes.

       The table lists the data	types that are handled by  the	``get  value''
       and ``set value'' procedures registered with these functions. See Chap-
       ter 29, Custom Dialogs and Automatic Dialog Management, for details.

       |Widget	       | Supported Representation Types	|
       |XmScale	       | XtRCardinal,	  XtRDimension,	|
       |	       | XtRPosition, XtRInt, XtRShort,	|
       |	       | XtRUnsignedChar		|
       |XmScrolledText | XtRString  (must  be	freed),	|
       |	       | XmtRBuffer			|
       |XmText	       | XtRString   (must  be	freed),	|
       |	       | XmtRBuffer			|
       |XmTextField    | XtRString  (must  be	freed),	|
       |	       | XmtRBuffer			|

       |XmToggleButton | XtRBoolean, XtRBool, XtRCardi-	|
       |	       | nal,  XtREnum,	 XtRInt,   XtR-	|
       |	       | Short,	XtRUnsignedChar		|
       |XmtChooser     | type	   of	  XmtNvalueType	|
       |	       | resource, or any  scalar  with	|
       |	       | the  same  size as int, short,	|
       |	       | or char.			|
       |XmtInputField  | XtRString (must not be	 freed;	|
       |	       | volatile),  XmtRBuffer, or, by	|
       |	       | conversion:	   XtRCardinal,	|
       |	       | XtRDimension, XmtRDouble, XtR-	|
       |	       | Float,	 XtRInt,   XtRPosition,	|
       |	       | XtRShort			|

       Chapter 11, Automatic Widget Creation,
       Chapter 29, Custom Dialogs and Automatic	Dialog Management,
       XmtRegisterMotifWidgets(), XmtRegisterWidgetTypes(), XmtRegisterXmtWid-

Xmt				  Motif	Tools		 XmtRegisterChooser(3)


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