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XmtMsgLinePush(3)	   Library Functions Manual	     XmtMsgLinePush(3)

       XmtMsgLinePush(),  XmtMsgLinePop()  -  save  and	restore	messages in an
       XmtMsgLine widget.

       #include	<Xmt/MsgLine.h>

       void XmtMsgLinePush(Widget w)

       void XmtMsgLinePop(Widget w, int	when)


	    w	   An XmtMsgLine widget.

	    when   For	XmtMsgLinePop(),  specifies  when  the	saved  message
		   should be restored.

       XmtMsgLinePush()	 ``pushes''  the  currently  displayed message onto an
       internal	stack of messages so that it can be later restored with	XmtMs-
       gLinePop().  The	 current contents of the message line are not modified
       by this call. The message stack grows dynamically, as  needed,  so  any
       number of messages may be saved on it, and restored later in a last-on-
       first-off fashion.

       XmtMsgLinePop() restores	the message that was most recently saved (with
       a  call to XmtMsgLinePush()) in the XmtMsgLine widget w.	The message is
       either restored immediately, or at a later time,	depending on the value
       of  the	when  argument.	 If when is XmtMsgLineNow, then	the message is
       restored	immediately. If	when is	XmtMsgLineOnAction, then  the  message
       is  restored  the  next time a user action (a key press or mouse	click,
       for example) occurs. Otherwise, if when is neither of these  constants,
       then  it	 is  taken  as	a  time	 in  milliseconds, the message will be
       restored	after the specified time elapses.

       If you want a message to	be restored either when	the  user  does	 some-
       thing,  or when a specified time	interval elapses, call XmtMsgLinePop()
       twice, once with	the constant XmtMsgLineOnAction,  and  once  with  the
       time  interval. If a message line has a pop ``pending'',	and the	appli-
       cation calls some other XmtMsgLine function (such  as  XmtMsgLinePush()
       again)  then  the pending ``pop'' will be performed immediately instead
       of waiting for a	user action or for time	to pass.

       Chapter 22, The Message Line,
       XmtMsgLine, XmtMsgLineAppend(), XmtMsgLineClear(), XmtMsgLineGetChar(),
       XmtMsgLineGetDouble(), XmtMsgLineGetInput(),
       XmtMsgLineGetInt(),XmtMsgLineGetString(), XmtMsgLineGetUnsigned(),
       XmtMsgLinePrintf(), XmtMsgLineSet(), XmtMsgLineSetInput().

Xmt				  Motif	Tools		     XmtMsgLinePush(3)


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