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XmtLayoutString(3)	   Library Functions Manual	    XmtLayoutString(3)

       XmtLayoutString - an XmtLayout gadget that displays a string.

       Include File:
	      #include _Xmt/LayoutG.h_


       Class Name:

       Class Pointer:

       Class Hierarchy:
	      RectObj -> XmtLayoutGadget -> XmtLayoutString

       The  XmtLayoutString  widget is a gadget	that displays a	Motif XmString
       within the XmtLayout widget. Because it is  specially  implemented  for
       this  purpose, it is significantly cheaper to use than an XmLabel or an
       XmLabelGadget.  The text	is displayed using  the	 Motif	XmStringDraw()
       function	which supports strings with multiple lines and multiple	fonts.

       The  LayoutString  gadget  does	not have an XmFontList of its own; the
       string is drawn using the XmtNfontList resource of the  Layout  widget,
       which  can  contain  whatever  fonts are	needed for text	throughout the
       Layout widget. When the XmtNfontList  resource  of  the	Layout	widget
       changes,	 it notifies all of its	LayoutString children so that they can
       redisplay themselves using the new font list.


       XmtLayoutString inherits	the resources of the RectObj and XmtLayoutGad-
       get classes, and	defines	the following new resources:

       |Name		| Type	      |	Class	       | Access	| Default     |
       |XmtNbackground	| XtRPixel    |	XtCBackground  | CSG	| unspecified |
       |XmtNforeground	| XtRPixel    |	XtCForeground  | CSG	| unspecified |
       |XmtNlabel	| XtRString   |	XtCLabel       | CS	| NULL	      |
       |XmtNlabelString	| XmRXmString |	XmCLabelString | CSG	| NULL	      |
	      The  background color to use for the displayed text. If unspeci-
	      fied, the	LayoutString gadget will use the background  color  of
	      its Layout parent.

	      The  foreground color to use for the displayed text. If unspeci-
	      fied, the	LayoutString gadget will use the foreground  color  of
	      its Layout parent.

	      The  string  to  display	if the XmtNlabelString resource	is not
	      specified. If no XmString	is specified for  the  XmtNlabelString
	      resource,	 then  this string (a normal NULL-terminated C string)
	      is converted to an XmString using	XmtCreateXmString() and	stored
	      on  the  XmtNlabelString	resource.  Note	that the value of this
	      string is	not copied by the LayoutString gadget. It is converted
	      to an XmString, and then the LayoutString	gadget ``forgets'' it,
	      since it is not stored in	memory owned by	the gadget. This means
	      that querying this resource will always return an	empty string.

	      An XmString to be	displayed by the LayoutString gadget.  If this
	      resource is not specified, the XmtNlabel resource	will  be  used
	      instead.	Note that unlike XmtNlabel, this resource is copied by
	      the gadget, and can be queried.

       Chapter 19, The Layout Widget: The Details, XmtCreateLayoutString(),
       XmtLayout, XmtLayoutBox,	XmtLayoutPixmap, XmtLayoutSeparator,

Xmt				  Motif	Tools		    XmtLayoutString(3)


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