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XmtHelpBox(3)		   Library Functions Manual		 XmtHelpBox(3)

       XmtHelpBox - a widget to	display	scrolled, multi-font help text.

       Include File:
	      #include _Xmt/HelpBox.h_

	      XmtCreateHelpBox(), XmtCreateHelpDialog()

       Class Name:

       Class Pointer:

       Class Hierarchy:
	      Core -> XmManager	-> XmBulletinBoard -> XmtLayout	-> XmtHelpBox

       The  XmtHelpBox	widget displays	a multi-line, multi-font message in an
       XmLabel widget within an	XmScrolledWindow widget. It also  displays  an
       icon  to	 the left of the scrolled text,	and a title centered above the
       text. The HelpBox is intended to	be used	as a dialog box, and it	 posi-
       tions  an  Okay button below the	help text so that the user can dismiss
       the dialog.


       The HelpBox widget inherits the resources of the	XmtLayout  class,  and
       defines the following new resources:

       |Name		    | Type	  | Class	     | Access |	Default		   |
       |XmtNhelpBackground  | XtRPixel	  | XtCBackground    | CSG    |	default	background |
       |XmtNhelpFontList    | XmRFontList | XmCFontList	     | CS     |	NULL		   |
       |XmtNhelpForeground  | XtRPixel	  | XtCForeground    | CSG    |	default	foreground |
       |XmtNhelpPixmap	    | XtRPixmap	  | XmtCHelpPixmap   | CSG    |	None		   |
       |XmtNhelpText	    | XtRString	  | XmtCHelpText     | CS     |	NULL		   |
       |XmtNhelpTitle	    | XtRString	  | XmtCHelpTitle    | CS     |	NULL		   |
       |XmtNtitleFontList   | XmRFontList | XmCFontList	     | CSG    |	NULL		   |
       |XmtNtitleForeground | XtRPixel	  | XtCForeground    | CSG    |	default	foreground |
       |XmtNvisibleLines    | XtRShort	  | XmtCVisibleLines | CSG    |	8		   |
	      The background color of the help text display area.

	      The XmFontList used to display the help text. If multi-font text
	      is to be used, then this font list should	contain	 each  of  the
	      fonts. Note that this resource may not be	queried.

	      The foreground color of the help text.

	      A	pixmap to be displayed in the upper left corner	of the widget.

	      The  string  to  display in the help region of the widget.  This
	      string will be converted to an XmString by  XmtCreateXmString(),
	      and  so  can use any of the font changing	escape codes supported
	      by that function.	Note that this resource	may not	be queried.

	      A	string to display as the title of the displayed	text.  It will
	      be  converted  to	 an  XmString by XmtCreateXmString(), and dis-
	      played using the XmFontList speci	fied by	the  XmtNtitleFontList
	      resource.	Note that this resource	may not	be queried.

	      The  XmFontList used to display the help title. This resource is
	      simply a synonym for the XmtNfontList resource of	the  XmtLayout

	      The color	that the title should be drawn in.

	      The  number of lines of help text	that should appear in the wid-
	      get at one time. Any lines of text beyond	this  number  will  be
	      available	via a scrollbar.


       The HelpBox widget does not define any translations of its own, because
       it never	takes the keyboard focus itself. It does, however install  ac-
       celerators  for its XmScrolledWindow child onto its XmPushButton	child.
       Because the push	button is the only child of the	HelpBox	that takes the
       keyboard	 focus,	 these	accelerators allow the user to scroll the dis-
       played text up and down from the	keyboard.  Note	that  these  accelera-
       tors  bind  the	default	Motif scrolling	keys, but also allow paging up
       and down	using the standard bindings for	the more pager and  the	 emacs
       text editor.

			   <Key>space:	 PageDownOrRight(0)
			       <Key>b:	 PageUpOrLeft(0)
			   Ctrl<Key>v:	 PageDownOrRight(0)
			   Meta<Key>v:	 PageUpOrLeft(0)
	      ~Shift ~Ctrl <Key>osfUp:	 IncrementUpOrLeft(0)
	    ~Shift ~Ctrl <Key>osfDown:	 IncrementDownOrRight(0)
	       ~Shift Ctrl <Key>osfUp:	 PageUpOrLeft(0)
	     ~Shift Ctrl <Key>osfDown:	 PageDownOrRight(0)
		    <Key>osfBeginLine:	 TopOrBottom()
		      <Key>osfEndLine:	 TopOrBottom()
		       <Key>osfPageUp:	 PageUpOrLeft(0)
		     <Key>osfPageDown:	 PageDownOrRight(0)
       See  the	XmScrolledWindow documentation for an explanation of these ac-
       tion procedures.

       Chapter 30, Context Help,
       XmtCreateHelpBox(), XmtCreateHelpDialog(), XmtHelpDisplayContextHelp().

Xmt				  Motif	Tools			 XmtHelpBox(3)


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