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XmtErrorMsg(3)		   Library Functions Manual		XmtErrorMsg(3)

       XmtErrorMsg(),  XmtWarningMsg()	-  print  an error message and exit or
       print a warning message and return.

       #include	<Xmt/Xmt.h>

       void XmtErrorMsg(String name, String type, String msg, ...)

       void XmtWarningMsg(String name, String type, String msg,	...)


	    name   The name of the procedure, widget, or module	that is	 issu-
		   ing the error message.

	    type   The type of the error message.

	    msg	   The	default	 text  of the message. The message may contain
		   printf()-style substitutions	to be filled in	from the argu-
		   ment	list.

	    ...	   A printf()-style variable-length argument list of values to
		   be substituted into the msg argument.

       XmtErrorMsg() and XmtWarningMsg() are simplified	 interfaces  to	 XtEr-
       rorMsg()	 and XtWarningMsg() which take an printf()-style argument list
       rather than an awkward array of arguments.

       These functions prepend the name	argument, a colon and a	space  to  the
       msg  argument.  Then  they  convert  the	argument list into an array of
       arguments, and call XtErrorMsg()	or XtWarningMsg() to display the  mes-
       sage.  They  passes  name and type as the name and type of the message.
       XmtErrorMsg() passes ``XmtError'' as the	class of the message and  Xmt-
       WarningMsg()  passes  ``XmtWarning''  as	the message class. The message
       name, class, and	type can be used to  provide  translated  versions  of
       error and warning messages in a special Xt error	database.

       Note  that XmtErrorMsg()	causes the application to exit,	while XmtWarn-
       ingMsg()	prints a warning message and returns.

       Chapter 8, Utility Functions,
       XtErrorMsg(), XtWarningMsg().

Xmt				  Motif	Tools			XmtErrorMsg(3)


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