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XmtDisplayBusyCursor(3)	   Library Functions Manual    XmtDisplayBusyCursor(3)

       XmtDisplayBusyCursor(), XmtDisplayDefaultCursor(), XmtDisplayCursor() -
       display a cursor	over a window.

       #include	<Xmt/Xmt.h>

       void XmtDisplayBusyCursor(Widget	w)

       void XmtDisplayDefaultCursor(Widget w)

       void XmtDisplayCursor(Widget w, Cursor c)


	    w	   Any widget descendant of the	shell that is to have its cur-
		   sor set.

	    c	   For XmtDisplayCursor(), the cursor that is to be displayed.

       XmtDisplayBusyCursor() displays a ``please wait'' cursor	for the	window
       of the immediate	shell widget  ancestor	of  the	 widget	 w.  It	 calls
       XFlush()	internally after setting the cursor to guarantee that the cur-
       sor will	be changed before the function returns.	 The  cursor  that  is
       used  is	 specified by the busyCursor application resource; the default
       for this	resource is the	standard X ``wristwatch'' cursor.

       XmtDisplayDefaultCursor() is designed for use  with  XmtDisplayBusyCur-
       sor()  and  ``restores''	(or sets for the first time) the cursor	speci-
       fied by the cursor application resource.	 The  default  value  of  this
       resource	 is None-a cursor of None means	that the cursor	displayed will
       depend upon the window manager.

       XmtDisplayCursor() displays cursor c for	the shell specified by w.

       Each of these functions affect the nearest shell	ancestor of  the  sup-
       plied  widget.  Setting	the cursor of a	shell widget will also set the
       cursor of any descendant	widgets	that do	not  have  some	 other	cursor
       explicitly  set.	 If there are widgets in your hierarchy	that do	have a
       cursor explicitly set, this function will have no effect	on them.

       Chapter 31, Busy	States and Background Work.

Xmt				  Motif	Tools	       XmtDisplayBusyCursor(3)


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