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XmtDialogGetDialogValues(3)Library Functions ManualXmtDialogGetDialogValues(3)

       XmtDialogGetDialogValues(),  XmtDialogSetDialogValues() - transfer val-
       ues between the fields of a data	structure and the widgets of a	dialog

       #include	<Xmt/Dialog.h>

       void XmtDialogGetDialogValues(Widget dialog, XtPointer address)

       void XmtDialogSetDialogValues(Widget dialog, XtPointer address)


	    dialog Any	widget	in a dialog box	created	with XmtBuild Dialog()
		   or XmtBuildQueryDialog()-generally the dialog shell or  the
		   child of that shell.

		   The address of a data structure from	which or to which data
		   is to be transferred.

       XmtDialogGetDialogValues() and XmtDialogSetDialogValues() first look up
       the  resource list associated with the dialog box of the	widget dialog.
       This is the resource list that was specified in the call	to XmtBuildDi-
       alog()  or XmtBuildQueryDialog()	when the dialog	was created. (Or it is
       the resource list  specified  with  XmtDialogBindResourceList()	before
       dialog  was created.) Each element in this array	of resources describes
       a field in the data structure pointed to	by address, and	 each  element
       may  also  be  bound  to	a widget in the	dialog box specified by	dialog
       (using a	special	syntax in the xmtChildren resource.) See  Chapter  29,
       Custom  Dialogs	and  Automatic Dialog Management, for details on these
       mappings	between	the data structure, the	resource list, and the widgets
       of the dialog box.

       For each	element	of the resource	list, XmtDialogGetDialogValues() reads
       a data value from a widget in the dialog	box and	stores it into a field
       in the data structure pointed to	by address.

       XmtDialogSetDialogValues()  does	the opposite: for each ele ment	in the
       resource	list, it copies	a value	from the data structure	and  store  it
       into the	corresponding widget in	the dialog box.

       The  actual job of querying and setting values on particular widgets in
       the dialog is done by the ``get value'' and  ``set  value''  procedures
       registered for widgets of those types.  See Chapter 29 and XmtRegister-
       WidgetTypes() for more information.

       Chapter 29, Custom Dialogs and Automatic	Dialog Management,
       XmtBuildDialog(), XmtBuildQueryDialog(),	XmtDialogBindResourceList(),
       XmtDialogDo(), XmtDialogGetDefaultValues().

Xmt				  Motif	Tools	   XmtDialogGetDialogValues(3)


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